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While Dr. Ben and Lily (folk-jazz duo extraordinaire!) scrub in for the surgery, Cole keeps harping on the anesthesia thing. Julio needs IV narcotics, and Cole says he can get some. He manages to really underline the "I can get some" part. Ben turns and looks at him like he just confessed to shooting JR, and Zee clarifies for the squares in the audience. "You want to buy..." she starts. "...Heroin," he finishes. And also an opener for this can of worms.

After the break, Cole and Ben argue pretty intensely about the heroin idea. Cole says it's a better alternative to Julio feeling Ben's scalpel all up in him. But Ben's coming from a more historical perspective -- he doesn't want Cole anywhere near the junk. Cole yells that he's been clean for nine months now. Ben: "Last time you were sober for a year!" Lily and Mina exchange looks after that one. Neither Ben nor Zee think this is a good idea, but Mina speaks up for Cole -- she says Julio would never come back from pain this intense. At worst, Ben wants to send Mina in to buy, which would be hilarious if everyone weren't so angry. Cole finally growls that he'll take "Greenwich" with him, but he's going. He stomps off and there's a beat before Mina's like, "Guess I'm Greenwich?" and follows him out.

Meanwhile, Clark returns from treating her bloody-handed patient, only Felicia and her sister are gone. Clark calls for her, or for anyone who might know her. Her tone is getting more and more urgent, and the camera swirling around her clearly suggests that this is serious. Somebody has an acute sense of her own mortality!

Plastics has taken Charlie with him on his quest to find the ever somnambulistic Papa Cheech (Plastics calls him "Big Papa," because: obviously). Papa looks surprised (and then immediately condescending) that Plastics is asking for his help on a case. Plastics explains it's viral meningitis for a patient whose immune system was worn down by the partying inherent in Spring Break. After sniffing haughtily about how OBVIOUSLY he knows what Spring Break is, Papa declines to help such a person. Plastics then tries the "he's my brother," argument, though he starts to stammer that he's not actually his brother, it's just that ... "It's a collegiate male social club," Charlie pipes up, all proud of himself. Okay, that was funny. One for Charlie. "He's a member of your tribe?" Papa offers. Hey, whatever works.

I love that Cole and Mina have to take a rowboat to get to the Opium Emporium or wherever the hell they're going to score. Mina's like "Are you sure you remember where..." but Cole is nothing if not sure exactly where this place is.

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