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Back at the clinic, Ben is beginning the surgery, with Zee giving Julio some sort of tree-bark extract to help him relax. Ben, meanwhile, is snapping at Lily and Zee for what are relatively minor infractions, until Lily sternly pulls him into the next room for a talk. It kind of doesn't make any sense that Ben would even agree to this given how severely time is of the essence what with the 30-minute lidocaine and all. But in Lily's defense, this all has to be done. She tells him that snapping at them all through the surgery won't help anyone, so he should just unload everything now. So Ben proceeds to yell about the patient he can barely help and the two doctors out buying heroin, and how this all might've been avoided if "some doctors prioritized this clinic over their damned social lives!" Lily takes it, stone-faced, and is like, "We're done? Time for surgery, then." Good moment for Lily, there.

Mina and Cole finally arrive at the Opium Emporium. She's freaked out by the unfamiliarity of it all; he's freaked by the familiarity. They stand at the doorway, looking in at the bubbling cookers and the strung-out junkies and the menacing peddlers. Cole can't much move at the point. Mina asks him if he's okay, and he can barely speak. As a brilliantly actorly single tear escapes his eye, she looks at him and realizes she'll have to do this. She tells him she's got it, that it's fine. But the shame in Cole is pretty palpable. You can see the benefit of having an emotionally cool cucumber like Mina around at a time like this. So Mina walks in, past the dirty, cheesecloth curtains, and presents herself: "I'd like to buy ... heroin ... please?" I love how buying heroin is getting the same sitcommy wah-wah laugh here as, like, ordering off the menu in a foreign language.

After the break, Mina stumbles through her request, but the heroin peddler (who speaks pretty perfect English, actually) is immediately like, "Yeah, no." He communicates to his beefier associate something about her trabajando for la policia, which Mina, to her credit, picks up on. She tries to assure them she doesn't work with the police -- and really, what crap-ass police operation would involve sending the pale, blonde white chick in a pink button-down? -- and instead explains that she's a medical professional who needs the stuff for surgery. Regardless of what he believes she's really there for, he tells her he's not selling. To emphasize this, he directs her to said beefy associate, who brandishes his gun. Mina begins to make her retreat, but as she passes one of the drugged-out women asleep in a hammock, she notes, "Your friend is dying." She tells him to open her eyes to reveal her pinpoint pupils, then she walks him through what's going to happen to the woman as her body shuts down and dies, and then he'll have a dead body on his hands. That's apparently enough to scare him into asking her to help. Mina's like, "Fine, but first we barter." She wants the drugs in exchange for the life-saving, and the dealer sends Beefy to go scrounge up the junk.

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