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Dr. Ben and Zee and Lily are trying to close up a spot on Julio's abdomen where they've got an irrigation catheter in, only they're out of sutures (the black market value of sutures being famously high in It's Probably South America). Zee suggests something called hormigas as a solution, though I fail to see how delicious Tex-Men breakfast food could help in this situation. (Actually, scratch that, it totally could.) Ben tells Zee to go for it, since she's been "waiting five years to show [him] up." Zee doesn't even blink at such a comment, suggesting everybody's becoming immune to Ben's asshattery. She says she's taking Lily with her, so she can learn from a master.

Mina updates Lynn on her husband's condition, then makes an offhand comment about how she must wish she was back in the states about now. But she doesn't -- Lynn and Mina commiserate about what Lynn calls "that feeling where you don't fit in your own skin." She says she went through life not finding that place where she fit, until she came down here on her 40th birthday. She fell in love with the people, the locale, and obviously Julio. She asks Mina how long she's down here for, and Mina says another month or so. She hasn't found that place where she fits yet. Lynn tells her she'll know it when she does.

Clark and Cole walk-n-talk with Judy Reyes, explaining that the bugs are called "Assassin bugs" and they carry a parasite that causes Chagas Disease. If left unchecked, Clark explains, the disease lies dormant for 20 years or so before causing heart failure. Clark wants to take the girls to the hospital in San Miguel to get it treated. Judy is reticent to let her girls go away, so Clark tells her that she and her sister grew up in El Salvador, and her sister was bitten by one of the bugs. Her parents never got it treated, and when she was 28, symptoms began to emerge. "She had a great career, she was in love, she had her whole life ahead of her," Clark says, and while she does, Cole looks at her with growing concern. "Just like that, it was over," Clark says. All it would have taken was some pills 20 years earlier. As you might expect, that about does it for Judy. Well sold, Clark.

Papa Cheech is just finishing up while Non-Drunk slumbers peacefully. Plastics is somewhat in awe, and he asks about the concoction of anti-viral plants, about the chanting (deep relaxation boosts the immune system), and about the feather (Papa just wanted to mess with him). He claps Plastics on the shoulder cheerfully and asks if he as any other questions. Why in fact yes, Plastics does have a question: how can he get Alma's scary dad to not hate him. "That kinda always happens," Plastics muses (I am SHOCKED), but he says Alma's dad doesn't know him. Papa explains that the man likely thinks Plastics is just like any other yahoo turista, like his infirmed frat brother over there. "He wants to know if you respect where you are." Respect for the locals -- six episodes in and I'm starting to understand!

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