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Zee chops at a tree out in the jungle, then has Lily catch the ants that shake out. She tells her to be careful, as their pinchers are as sharp as surgical staples. While Lily jars some ants, Zee explains that Ben's anger isn't personal. She says he got a top neurologist from Buenos Aires to look at Abby, and the results came in today. No improvement in brain function for six months. "So...he has some hard decisions to make." Zee drops some more knowledge: the clinic was Abby's dream too, not just Ben's. They came down here together to make it happen. Lily gets it: the clinic keeps her alive and with him. Zee smiles, then smiles a bit more when Lily gets pinched.

Cole and Clark prepare to head back to the clinic, but Cole first has to tell her how sad the story about her sister was. The only thing is that she doesn't have a sister. Clark starts to walk away but Cole's like, "That whole story was about you!" He tells her she needs to start getting treatment and on a transplant list, like, immediately. Clark says she refuses to be treated like an invalid and (and this feels more and more like the primary reason, which is sad) Dr. Ben doesn't need to go through something like this again. Lady, it is time to PRIORITIZE. Cole finally grabs her by her arm and says she could die from this. Clark responds that no one needs to know.

At the Clinic, Zee shows Lily how, if she places the pincher ant precisely in the incision in Julio's abdomen, it's pinchers will hold it shut. Stronger than surgical staples, et cetera. Plastics and Mina are looking on, with Plastics practically hopping up and down in hopes that he gets to apply one. Lily finally relents, though she tells him to share with Mina. This gives Lily time to go have a heart-to-heart with Dr. Ben in the pharmacy. She apologizes if what happened with Mateo put them in jeopardy. He asks if she's heard from him since, and she says no. Ben allows that with no security system and open windows everywhere, this was bound to happen. Lily tells him that the clinic itself is just a building. "You're the clinic," she tells him.

That night, the helicopter finally arrives with a shipment of supplies. Dr. Ben unloads those while the rest of the doctors wheel Julio towards the chopper. Lynn thanks Mina and Lily, offering them a complimentary night at the lodge should they ever need it -- though she allows that Mina will probably be gone before she can redeem it. "Actually," Mina says, "I'm thinking about staying a little longer." Lynn boards the helicopter while Lily doesn't try very hard to suppress a grin. Mina's like, "Please, that's got nothing to do with you," but Lily jokes that she may just be the wind beneath Mina's wings. Mina counters that between scoring smack and closing up a man's abdomen with ants, there are things here she can't do in Greenwich.

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