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Plastics arrives at the cantina to talk to Alma's dad. He tells Charlie to stand down -- no translating on his behalf. He slowly approaches Alma and her dad, and he brandishes a Spanish-English dictionary. He uses it to look up the following phrase of love: "Me gusta su HEE-JO." Well said? He adds "...Mucho." Alma's dad doesn't pick him up into an airplane spin, so that's a start.

Clark comes running up to the helicopter with Felicia and her sister. She says they missed the last water taxi. She loads the girls on, but when she tries to board, the pilot says they're at capacity. So Clark tells the girls that she will meet them in San Miguel in the morning and not to worry.

Cole is down at the beach, staring very intensely out at the waves. Zee shows up with some tea that will help his sleeplessness. She asks if he wants to talk about it, but he clenches that he does not. "We can still be amigos," she tells him, but he says he doesn't know how to do that. Case in point, she tries to just sit there next to him and be there for him, but he angrily sends her away. When she's gone, he drops her bag of tea and pulls out another small bag. Did he buy this heroin when Mina wasn't looking? I can't imagine he could've lifted it. Mysteries of the Shondaverse! And also: bad omen, Cole. He rolls the bag between his hands, not taking any, but not throwing it into the ocean like we might hope.

Lily takes a little night shower at her not-that-secluded waterfall spot when a figure emerges from the darkness. Which naturally would scare the shit out of you, except it's Mateo. And he's got that sexy look in his eyes. He explains that he stayed away for the week so as not to attract police attention, but Lily seems like she wants to be mad at him. She tells him about the loss of police protection and the robbery and how she feels like an idiot. He says he got the messages she's been leaving for him and went to the cantina tonight to find her. She finally relents and asks how his incision is feeling. Sexy doctor talk! He tells her she can see for herself, and off goes the shirt. Okay, that is sexy, doctor-talk or otherwise. He moves closer to her as she stammers about there being no redness or infection. "It's good," she says, as he gets close enough to touch. "Esta bien?" he asks. "Esta bien," she says before thankfully shutting up and making out with him -- and likely more -- underneath the waterfall. Sigh. Another item for the bucket list.

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