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A Doctor Time Out

Cut to Lily turning on the blood flow into Sydney's arm while the new mother holds her baby. Plastics only gets to stand over Roberto's corpse with the breathing tube still sticking out of its mouth. He covers it up, and Sydney happily holds Max, who has gone from orange to brown to pink. Congratulations, it's a chameleon!

Working on charts, Lily is distracted by Charlie coming up and grinning at her. "You know my name, right?" "Yeah, Charlie," Lily says readily. He says he was just checking, but he leaves pretty happy. Ew, he was talking about her?

At the end of the day, Mina's on her way out when she's pulled up short by Otis intoning, "Vivax malaria," from his habitual spot on the porch. "Finally found your infectious disease." And it only took her three episodes. Also, five seconds of research has informed me that vivax malaria is so "unique" that in the last decade there were more than five million cases of it in Brazil alone, making it by far the most common variant of a tragically common disease. Way to bag that rare bird there, Mina. Sucking on his candy stick, Otis adds that she dealt with the situation ike an addict. He remarks about how she got all stir-crazy in just a few hours of idleness. "Your mind starts spinning, palms get sweaty, skin starts itching." She says she just likes to work, but Otis says it's not work but penance. "What was his name? The kid you misdiagnosed back in the States?" Because they all did their homework on the newbies, remember? "We all got one," he reminds her when she's slow to answer. "Eric," she says, barely moving her lips. Otis stands up and volunteers, "PFC Marcus O'Grady. I was a medic when I started using and uh..." while Mina looks at him in shock, wondering exactly how much candy this guy goes through, he says, "The work doesn't help. Doesn't make you forget." To his retreating back, she asks, "So what does?" After some thought, Otis leads her off the porch, but to where? "To that stupid party," he says. "Even the damned deserve a night off." Mina doesn't say, "Damned? Who said I was damned? Now I'm even more bummed." But at least she'll still have teeth in a year.

The festival is back in full swing for its second night. Mina peels off of Otis when they come upon Zee, sitting at a table with a couple of dudes. She's surprised to see him, and he says, "Come on, Loca, show me what you got." He means dancing-wise, pervs. On their way to the outdoor dance floor, they pass the table with the rookies, where Plastics is reenacting for Lily and Mina the car-stopping feat that Clark performed the previous night, knocking over Clark's beer for her in the process. "This is officially the Festival of Ryan's Giant Balls, "he toasts. It's as good as anything else.

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