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A Doctor Time Out

A jungle-porn transition brings us to where a mud-splattered Jeep has gone off what passes for a road up there. Clark is attending to the young husband, who is more worried about his wife (Tessa Thompson from Veronica Mars), because he's unselfish and caring and also because thanks to the Jeep crash she's gone into labor. Noisy, moaning labor. The whole group starts carrying her back to whatever the doctors came here from the clinic in, but Roberto insists on running back to the Jeep for her iPod. Which is when a highly localized mudslide knocks him on his ass. And Off The Map! Man, I knew there was a reason I didn't trust Apple.

After the title card, the four doctors run to where Roberto is not only pinned under an uprooted tree trunk, but also has a broken femur. Ben and Lily are all but dragging a freaked-out Sydney back to the clinic, leaving Plastics and Clark to take care of her trapped husband. He tells her to remember what the baby book said, but she never read it. Plastics assures Sydney, "Don't worry, okay? We'll get him back to you." Roberto tells Plastics that Sydney's nervous about having their first kid, "So if you like your colleagues, get me out of here fast." But what if I don't like his colleagues?

Otis finds Mina "setting up" a filing system, because she's not aware that Otis already had a system -- filed by village instead of by patient's name, because of how everyone down here has the same name. Which is not condescending at all. "Oh, yeah, smart," Mina says in a small voice. Otis tells her to go to the festival and "connect with the community," like it's not obvious that he just wants her out of his hair. "Partying isn't going to make me a better doctor," Mina says, trying to help him get his files back in order. He bodily steers her away, saying, "No, but it just might get that stick out of your ass." And then he can hit her with it.

Lily and Ben have successfully gotten Sydney back to the clinic in one piece (which is another, slightly gross way of saying the baby's still inside her), but she's stressed out given that the guy who did all the research for them isn't there. She explains, "I impulsively get things like babies and electronics and he reads the instructions. He's the prepared one." She talks about the birth plan they had, to which Zee remarks, "Ay, Americans and their birth plans. Plan around here is to squat in a bush and get back to work." I just figured out that Zee's entire purpose on this show is to be the only character who can get away with saying things like that. Even so, the baby is so offended by this remark that its heart rate drops precipitously. It's C-section time.

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