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A Doctor Time Out

Up at the accident site, Plastics has just gotten off the radio with HQ and informs Roberto that the rescue team is en route, battling the muddy roads that were somehow not an obstacle at all for the doctors. I guess they all came and went on Ben's motorcycle. Plastics also updates Roberto on Sydney's need for a C-section. Roberto looks ready to Hulk right out of there, busted leg and all, when Clark comes out of the bush with a small tree trunk on her shoulder. "Wait, did you just cut a tree down with a machete?" Plastics boggles. "What tree? It's a lever," she says modestly. Plastics rolls a small boulder into place to use as a fulcrum and begins to take his shirt off until Clark mocks him (for the shirt removal, not what was under it, which got a whole screen-filling close-up). Plastics levers the tree up and Clark drags Roberto out from under it, and while they're happily getting ready to splint his broken leg, he suddenly coughs up a mouthful of blood. Wow, that leg must be broken worse than they thought -- bad enough to have caused a pulmonary hemorrhage. "Get suction," Clark orders Plastics. They brought suction?

They seem to have made good use of the commercial break to stabilize Roberto, although something obviously hit him in the chest on his way down the hill. Not that we could tell at the time, it was so cheaply shot. Plastics explains how Roberto's lungs are bleeding, and Clark says they need to get him on oxygen at the clinic. Good plan. If only there were a clinic here. While she goes off to call the rescue team, Roberto remarks to Plastics, "You like her." Plastics doesn't deny it, and adds, "I like a lot of girls." Roberto figures Plastics is getting mad tail down here in the South American nation of "Down Here," and Plastics doesn't deny that either. Like he would. Roberto says he used to be like that, but then he realized how meaningless it all was. Plastics doesn't seem unmoved (although maybe that's because of the music on the soundtrack) as Roberto goes on about how Sydney "saved" him. "And I never even saw her coming." Plastics makes a gross comment, to which Roberto mildly objects, but Roberto's the one who is shut up by a coughing fit. Which is totally unfair.

Otis finds Zee while she's busy in the supply room and says, "Um, question:" and then kisses her. When he allows her to breathe, she points out, "Okay, English is not my first language but I'm sure that was statement." He's looking for someone's hangover worse for some poorly explained reason that has to do with the festival. Speaking of which, she'd like to go and dance, but he's not down with that. "Parties full of debauchery and drinking aren't exactly the best environment for me," he says, probably because those kinds of parties also have too much candy, and tells her to go ahead. "I'm not the jealous type," he says. Off she goes to surgery, and presumably Otis is going to go sit on the porch for a while, eating candy and waiting for someone to happen along who needs him to be wise.

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