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A Doctor Time Out

Sunset and then moonrise, and then it's time for Sydney's surgery, now that it's nice and dark outside. Not sure what they've been waiting for, given that the contractions were already three minutes apart way back when they found her in the jungle. Zee, Lily, and Ben are scrubbed in as Sydney babbles about how Roberto was supposed to talk her through this whole process. Lily volunteers to do that for her, which Ben quietly questions. Lily says she thinks it will help. "Your patient, your call," he says in a way that suggests that a year from now, Lily's going to be the one on the table with a bulging belly.

A masked Charlie catches up with Mina at the festival, calling her "Blondie." "Ugh, you're sounding like [Plastics] now, "she says, which thrills Charlie. "Not a compliment," she clarifies. She complains to him about how she'd rather be working, but is on a time out. "A doctor time-out," Charlie laughs, like that's funny enough to be an episode title or something. Just then some dorky local carrying a bouquet of flowers and wearing a highly regrettable polyester cowboy shirt crashes into them, pausing to wave an apology. Mina's more worried about the pork sandwiches being cooked, and when Charlie says he ate one, she snarks, "Well, you just had a brain cyst on a bun, Chuck." Chuck bounces, which is the opposite of what you should do when you find yourself with a surly person who says funny things.

Just then there's another electrical mishap, because apparently all the jury-rigged wiring isn't quite up to code. Sparks fly, a cable falls into a puddle, and the dude with the flowers steps on it, sending him flying flat on his back with CGI smoke curling from his chest where the front of his shirt got incinerated. Told you it was regrettable. "Time in!" Mina says happily as the whole festival goes dark. Yay, horrible injury!

At the clinic, Ben is just making the first incision into Sydney when the lights go out there, too. The ensuing panic among the doctors doesn't do much for Sydney's fragile peace of mind, but at least she can't see the panicked looks on their faces.

Back from the ads, Otis is trying to fix the clinic's generator by flashlight and getting nowhere when Mina comes rushing out of the bush calling for help. "Lord, grant me the serenity," Otis says before joining them, "Serenity" being some kind of South American candy bar, I assume. Charlie's helping Mina and a couple of other guys push the electrocution victim on a commandeered taco cart while Mina gives Otis the bullet: "High-powered DC current entering the leg and exiting the chest." Plus his shirt caught fire and he's got third-degree burns on his chest, and he's on a stretcher filled with taco meat. Charlie also has a bullet, which is that Sparky keeps saying he lost something. Nobody cares.

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