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A Doctor Time Out

Plastics is dragging Roberto's corpse on a stretcher down the "road" that's actually just a narrow dirt lane cut through the bush, complaining the whole way. Working the ventilation bag, Clark reassures him that it's almost dawn (meaning that they've been going for quite a few hours since Roberto's 11:30 TOD) and there are only about ten miles left. Oh, is that all? At least they're probably going downhill. A car comes roaring around the bend, way too fast for the conditions, and they dive into the bush, bringing their dead guy along with them so he doesn't get killed again. Then Clark jumps out in front of the headlights, planting her feet and getting the car to stop just in time. Plastics looks even more relieved than Clark, because for a second there it looked like he was going to have two corpses to drag down the mountain.

Morning, and the spectacular scenery that goes with it. At the clinic, Charlie is telling Sparky about his own romantic problems while Mina busies herself with actually tending to the patient. Charlie says this girl who's "smart, beautiful, nice to everyone" probably doesn't even know his name. Sparky advises Charlie to tell her, but Mina wants Charlie to record Sparky's enlarged spleen on the chart. Suddenly Sparky crashes, but a quick dose of atropine brings him back quickly. "What the hell's going on with this guy?" Mina wonders. She starts narrating symptoms and possible causes to herself, and Charlie points out that Sparky hangs out by the river looking for the girl on the water taxis, because that's not creepy or anything. Mina shuts him down, thinking Charlie's still hung up on the love story, but Charlie protests that there are more mosquitoes by the river to spread disease. I'm expecting Mina to bust out a full-on epiphany-face, but she just sort of gazes around and leaves Charlie to hold Sparky's spleen in place.

Sydney wakes up looking distinctly gray after what was at least a long night's sleep, with Lily sitting by her bedside. Lily tells her that both Sydney and Max need a transfusion. Ben lurks in the doorway as Sydney asks after Roberto. Lily takes a long, clinical time telling her without telling her that Roberto is dead, but his heart's still beating to keep his blood fresh and juicy. She makes Sydney actually ask if Roberto's dead, and finally says yes. But back to the more immediate subject of his blood. While Sydney takes this in, (the news, not Roberto's blood), Lily notices Ben in the doorway, and pointedly says she promised Sydney she'd tell her everything. "I didn't, but now I am. You and your baby, you both will die without this transfusion." So Sydney flatly says "Save the baby then. Let me die." Whoa, nice parenting, lady. Lily protests, but Sydney screams at her to get out so loudly that even Ben leaves too.

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