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You Put the IV Line in the Coconut

Ben, Lily, and a semi-conscious Ed are out on a rowboat in the Lago de Luz, which is both less of a Lago than a pond and less Luz than you'd expect as well. Lily gives voice to this disappointment, so Ben splashes some water around, causing the bioluminescent microbes in the water to agitate and glow. Lily rouses Ed to take a look, and he takes Cora's ashes and sprinkles them out into the water, each point of contact sending little "fireflies" out into the lake. The dialogue, again, is soggy as hell ("You made it, Cora! You're with the fireflies now!"), but kudos to Michael McKean for selling the moment.

As the MedEvac helicopter takes off, Lily opens up to Ben about her trauma. LILY'S STORY: She left residency after her fiancé died. That's pretty much it. We may get more later. Dr. Ben, rather than engage her on the merits of this revelation, instead decides to point out a constellation: the Southern Cross. Magellan used to navigate by it, you know. "It gave him the strength to keep going," he says, pointedly. "Keep going." Oh, brother.

La Clinica. Lily, Mina, and Tommy embark on a midnight trek to the beach, while Ben, Otis, and Zee share a beer and a moment of mirth about those crazy kids. Later, Ben returns to his office ... where a returned Twilight Cab-Stealer is waiting for him. "How far'd you get this time?" he asks. She says she sat at the airport for two days and prayed on it, before returning. "God says you're an ass, though." So a whole lot of flirty talking past the subject commences, during which a few things become clear: they're involved with each other, he can't fully commit, she keeps almost leaving because of it, but ultimately stays because of the good she can do as a doctor. She asks him if he's coming to bed, but he demurs. "I know you miss her," she says, "but she's gone; she's not coming back." Thus kicking the lid off a whole other pot of intrigue. But BEN'S STORY will have to wait.

The next morning, Tommy finally leads Lily and Mina out to the beach. It's not much of a beach -- just rocky terrain up against the great big blue sea. But it's a hell of a view. "If there was ever a place to start over," Lily says, nailing down the theme of the show, "it's right here." We suddenly realize this is the exact same spot Ben, Otis, and Zee were standing on at the beginning of the episode, because much like her soon-to-be-beloved Dr. Ben, Lily takes a leap out into the water. Followed by Mina. Followed by the requisite "You're all crazy!" from Tommy before he ultimately launches himself to join them. And they frolic in the water! And are then dashed on the rocks.

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