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You Put the IV Line in the Coconut

At the zip line, Lily's got McKean screaming in one ear and Dr. Ben screaming from the other line that she'd better calm him down if she wants to save his life. She does this by grabbing him by the face and ordering him to stop it. Which works! She then explains to him how she's going to cut into his arm in order to free him from the line, then she's going to strap him to her and get the hell off this God-defying contraption already. She makes him look at her, not at the arm she's trying to cut (carefully, so she doesn't sever an artery) and the pain it's going to cause. He tells her his name is Ed and he came to the jungle 40 years ago with his wife on their honeymoon. "Best trip we ever had." Somehow, the zip line didn't seem so high then. We eventually cut to Ed on a gurney, on the ground, being led to an ambulance. He seems stable, though they want to check him back at the clinic for internal injuries. As Ben and Lily walk back to the motorcycle, he remarks that this must be a hell of a day "back." He says he check her records and knows she took a fairly lengthy leave of absence. Lily hesitates, then explains that she took the leave after she "lost someone," but that she's back now and ready to be a doctor. "Doesn't make it any easier," Ben replies, in a way that supposed to seem wise but really just seems dim.

La Clinica. Zee is one again bitching to anyone who will listen about being short-staffed and surrounded by gringos who don't care. Otis happens by and engages her with a "What's the matter, Loca," that I approve of on rhetorical ground but which can't help but make Otis pale by comparison to my beloved Nina Flowers. Anyway, he gives her a platform to complain about these doctors who come in all idealistic and then flee within weeks. Specifically Twilight Cab-Stealer, whose exit today really seems to sting. Otis needles her that she's a great teacher with a heart of gold who secretly loves shepherding these pale-faced sheep. She can't seem to stay mad at him with his adorable face smiling at hers. She tells him her heart of gold is "only for you." Look, I'm not going to pretend those thousand promos we saw for this show didn't feature these two making out, so I'm asking: are these two together currently or just flirty and they'll hook up later. This shit is vague.

That night, Ed is lying in a bed at the clinic as Ben and Lily use an ultrasound machine to check for internal injuries. Ben says he does seem to have ruptured his spleen, which may end up healing itself. Otherwise, it's looking like surgery. Ed is, understandably, un-psyched about the prospect of going under the knife in the middle of the jungle. Ben heads off as Lily asks Ed if there's anyone she can call for him. He explains that his wife is dead; he'd been putting off their return trip for thirty years, until it was too late. Outside, Lily pesters Ben to find a way to airlift Ben to a real hospital, but he says it'll take too long.

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