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You Put the IV Line in the Coconut

Mina's still trying to make it back to her room with her suitcase when she comes across the same old lady she treated for a cold earlier. Frustrated, Mina -- in English -- tries to explain that it's just chest congestion and she can go home. "Ho-o-o-o-ome? Or not." The lady stares back at her, impassive, and Mina gives up and trudges off.

Speaking of trudging, Tommy makes it back to the clinic under serious nightfall, and he finds Otis lounging on a bench by the stairs. He asks "Plastics" how his field trip was today, and Tommy bluntly replies that Otis's patient is dead. This is not good news to Otis, as he had her on a prescription regimen and she was improving. Tommy explains that the husband refused treatment and that now the whole family is sick. Tommy then produces a note -- for purposes of AMA ass-covering -- in which the husband signed that he was refusing care against doctor's advice. I think the note is written on his luggage tag. Otis thinks this is a joke -- that Tommy himself is a joke. Tommy's all, "You don't know me!" At which point we shift hardcore into "Time to Learn About Tommy's Damage." See, Otis did his homework and learned that Tommy drank his way through med school and partied just hard enough they he could get by and get himself a nice job doing boob jobs in a strip mall. "You're not stupid," he sums up, "you're lazy." Tommy starts to ask what he was supposed to do, at which point Otis yells the promo-friendly "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A DOCTOR!" He orders Tommy back to the village at first light tomorrow, at which point he will treat his patients. One would assume with blow-darts filled with medicine.

After the break, Tommy finds Lily standing in front on a tiny desk fan, amid what appears to be a small cabana party. It's 3AM, and Tommy is bitching about how hot it still is. So Lily introduces him to her friend the desk fan. So now they're both swaying with the fan as Mina comes up, griping about losing 50 pesos on the scorpion-vs.-tarantula match they've got going across the way. They're still swaying, which Mina doesn't get until Lily drags her into the fan's path. "Oh my God," Mina sighs, "I just had an orgasm." Lily decides it's all not so bad, with the fan and the fact that she saved a life on a zip line today. Mina -- clearly our Cristina Yang -- is nakedly jealous of Lily. She also notes that the web site for the clinic promised a "perfect beach." Tommy notes that the beach is there, you just have to "kill yourself to get to it." Mina wrinkles her nose: "I wanna live...but I want the beach." She's the one I like, even as she complains about her day full of applying band-aids "like a school nurse." Tommy, meanwhile, is irked that they traveled all this way and they STILL can't escape their records. Lily explains to Mina that the doctors here "did their homework." Okay, enough with the homework metaphor. Point is: Tommy was clearly looking for a clean slate here, and he hasn't found it. Lily grabs them both by their shoulders and starts them swaying with the fan again.

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