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You Put the IV Line in the Coconut

Mina heads right over to an exam room where Wheezy sits, ever-silent. She stays that way while Mina, still in English, tries to explain that she has undiagnosed asthma. She's not even using Spanglish or hand motions, it's like she's just given up! Mina dumps out the contents of her bag and grabs one of her own inhalers. She puts it in Wheezy's mouth and instructs her to breathe when she discharges it. Like she just got tapped by a magic wand, Wheezy starts to breathe better. She grabs Mina's hands and starts to cry in gratitude, while Mina is uncomfortable with all this emotion.

Dr. Ben, Otis, and Lily are helping carry Ed to the helicopter, where he'll be taken to a real hospital. But Ed keeps muttering about the fireflies, which only Lily understands. She begs the doctors to hold off evacuating him until they can take him to Lago de Luz. Both Ben and Otis dismiss this out of hand, essentially saying (without saying) that this is girl stuff. But it's not! And Lily asserts herself with her yelpy little voice! She demands that they allow Ed to spread his wife's ashes at the firefly lake, as that's what he came here to do. He came here to say goodbye -- they have to let him say goodbye. So, yeah, this is all about Lily and her dead whoever. But the bright side is, we're going to the firefly lake!

After the break, we pop in on Tommy in the middle of haranguing Mina over scenarios in which she'd sleep with him. She's holding firm on "never," even if they were lost in the jungle for ten years in some kind of Blue Lagoon scenario where they were the only people around and he was all buff from hunting and gathering. Look, Zach Gilford is pretty buff NOW even before any hunting and gathering, but I gotta respect Mina for playing hard to get. Tommy proclaims Mina not a humanitarian and heads off. Mina then sees Wheezy and her granddaughter, who want to thank Mina for giving Wheeze her first real breath in 80 years. "She said because of you, she finally knows what it feels like to breathe." Maybe you had to be there for the stilted delivery, but that is one hokey-ass line. But we're not done yet! Wheezy reaches into her bag -- at which point I immediately yelled, "Oh, don't give her a chicken!" -- and pulls out a chicken that she gives to Mina in gratitude. You guys. How does this show manage to be so liberally self-flagellating and yet ALSO so Westernly pious? The white lady gives the old brown lady the gift of breath, and the old brown lady gives her a chicken in return! Wocka wocka! Anyway, Mina holds the chicken as far away from her as possible, as is entirely appropriate when you've been handed a chicken.

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