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My Anaconda Don't Want None Unless You Got Respect for the Locals, Hon'

Mina and Clark are working on Bruno, Mina bemoaning the fact that he was hiding how sick he was. "He wanted us to concentrate on his sister," Clark surmises. He's too far gone -- bacteria's in his bloodstream now, and he's in organ failure. The sister looks out from her steam tent and begs the doctors to help, but Mina says there's nothing they can do. Bruno's head flops to the side, dead. Mina gets up and leaves Clark to tell the sister that her brother is dead. She breaks down in screaming sobs while Mina fights back tears in determined isolation on the porch.

Jungle. The gurney gang are wading across the river with Snake-Bait -- the rope bridge not being all that conducive to their arrangement. S-B starts woozily ticking off information to Yappy; PIN information and cash he's got stashed in odd places. He's got one more thing to tell her, but Lily stops him. She says he can't get in the mindset of "last conversations," it's not helpful. This is advice she's bringing from her ER job -- just focus on the task at hand, getting maudlin helps no one. But S-B seems adamant about the one more thing, and he reaches across his body for something, and when he does, he pitches himself off the stretcher. The snake uncoils and swims away, but Bait is not in a whole lotta distress. Blood stains the water as Ben makes the redundant claim that he's bleeding out; they've gotta get him to the clinic fast.

Back from the break, they get Snake-Bait to the shore, where Dr. Ben cuts the fabric from the stretcher loose and fashions a tourniquet around S-B's waist. Lily also sees that the snake left a pretty nasty but mark on her arm -- not poisonous but still grody. Ben wraps that up as well, and they're on their way.

Mina's still lingering outside the hut as Clark emerges, talking sadly about how the girl just keeps on saying that her brother was the only thing she had in the world. Mina deflects the emotional appeal like she's got a plastic dome around her, instead asking how they're supposed to get in touch with a coroner or a funeral home or someone to come pick up the body. At this, Clark loses it on Mina, and while there's actually some rich dramatic soil to be dug into here (with Mina clearly coping with her surroundings by detaching while Clark has clearly become inextricably emotionally bound to them), this is also sadly exactly the kind of show to have one character say to another, "You think you have it all figured out? You don't!" So Clark says that very thing to Mina, saying that the part of her job that she neglected was being of any damn bit of comfort to her patient. Mina starts to defend herself by saying she doesn't know Spanish, but Clark cuts her off: while it would have been nice for her to have learned ONE WORD of the language before she showed up, her bigger sin is that she just doesn't care. She says In The Jungle, they're the coroner, the funeral home, and the grave-diggers. So she's going to go prepare the body for burial. Mina just stands there, feeling like an asshole.

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