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A Carnivàle Thanksgiving

It's show time at the Carnivàle. Sofie's still digging her pit in the darkness as Jonesy arrives and tells her, "That'll do." Sofie says she isn't done, so he hops down into the pit and tries unsuccessfully to take the shovel away from her. He finally declares that this is all because of him and Rita Sue and Libby and everything. Sofie stares at him, and he less confidently asks, "Well, ain't it?" She says it's not. Jonesy points out that Sofie's sunburned and all yucky, and she finally explains, "I wanna work. I wanna work so hard that there's nothin' else left of me but the work." Jonesy begins to suspect that he's in over his head here, and I don't mean the pit. Sofie tells him that Apollonia tried to kill her. "She set the fire. And she was holding me, and she wouldn't let me go. You saw." Jonesy tries to argue, but Sofie continues, "She wanted us to die. She wanted me to die." She asks what she did to make her mother hate her. Jonesy looks up for second, like he's seriously trying to think of an answer. "Maybe she didn't like her haircut? Naw, that probably wasn't it, let's see now..." He finally says, "Nothin' deserves that." And then he takes the shovel and leaves abruptly. Thanks, Jonesy. You're a big help.

Men are lining up for the Cooch show. Dancing and rowdiness ensues. Burley looks at Rita Sue from the back of the crowd, and makes kissy faces at her. Rita Sue is thrown for a second, but resumes dancing. Burley wanders off.

Later still, the Carnivàle is shutting down as Ben returns.

Ben enters Management's trailer and announces that Scudder is dead: "He's gone, goddammit -- he took the preacher's name with him!" Management calmly insists that Scudder isn't dead. Ben mentions the death mask, and grumps, "You can't see anything past your own hate, you son of a bitch! Because if Scudder's dead, you got no reason to draw breath!" Management calmly says that he'll die one way or another, and tells Ben, "It's you who has something greater at stake." Ben asks what that would be, and they sit down for a long cozy chat together. No, just kidding. When presented with a leading statement like that, Ben is naturally going to turn and leave. Of course.

As Ben steps out of the trailer, a tarot card blows up against his leg. Ben grabs it and reveals it to be the Ace of Swords: truth, fortitude, and intellect. Well, Ben could definitely use all of those things. More cards blow around him, and Ben scrambles to pick them up.

Sofie is heading across camp to wash up before bed when Ben approaches and says, "Remember them cards you had me burn up?" He shows her the deck in his hands, and says, "Sofie, please, I need to know something." Sofie quickly shakes her head and walks away. Ben watches her leave, and then puts the cards down on the steps to her trailer. The camera zooms in so that we can see the card on top. Well, barely. It's the Tower: upheavals and revelations.

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