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A Carnivàle Thanksgiving

Ruthie is sitting on the steps of her own trailer. A little distance away, Sofie is washing up at the hand pump. Ruthie looks down and sees a puddle of water. In the reflection, Sofie is washing, and the black-veiled person is standing beside her. Do we have to keep pretending that we don't know it's Apollonia? I vote no. Ruthie looks up from the reflection, and Sofie is standing by herself.

Rita Sue is in bed when something jostles her. She sits up, and sees a man bent over at the foot of her bed. Rita Sue reaches under the bed, pulls out a gun, and cocks it. She tells her visitor to stand still, switches the light on, and sees a frightened Stumpy with his hands raised. Rita Sue falls back on the bed, relieved, as Stumpy whines that he was getting ready for bed. And then someone quickly moves up behind Stumpy, and I jump about a mile before the shadowy figure steps into the light and turns out to be Libby. I'm still not sure that was even meant to be scary, which is probably why it startled me so much. As everyone calms down, Stumpy quickly kicks a canister of some kind back under the bed. Zounds! Something of a suspicious nature appears to be afoot! Libby leaves, and Stumpy starts giggling and calls his wife a "pistol-packin' mama." Then he basically dives on top of Rita Sue, who realizes that he's drunk and shoves him away.

Libby is having a cigarette outside when, from the shadows, Burley snarls, "What's the matter? You all outta dicks to suck?" And then he wanders away chortling evilly. Do you think we're supposed to like Burley? I can't decide, because it's so subtle.

Iris drives a car out to approximately the middle of nowhere. There, she dumps out a bag of clothes, pours gasoline on them, and sets the pile ablaze.

About a hundred yards away from the middle of nowhere, Dolan watches the late-night bonfire from his own car.

Justin is in the kitchen reading when a young woman enters the kitchen. She's startled to see him, but Justin says he was just finishing up for the night. He says, "You must be the new girl," and sips his milk speculatively.

Ben is lying on his blanket. But he's not sleeping under a truck, for once. Just near one. He looks up as Sofie comes over to him, holding the tarot deck. Sofie sniffs, "I'm sorry. I just can't." She puts the cards down on the truck bed as Ben says, "It don't matter. You'd probably just give me another vague clue that will only make sense in retrospect five episodes from now." He straightens out the blanket he's lying on a little, and Sofie finally lies down on the ground next to him while the camera spins away. It's lucky Ben decided to sleep under the stars, because if he'd had to say "C'mon and curl up under the oil pan here," it wouldn't have seemed quite as sweet.

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