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A Carnivàle Thanksgiving

The group arrives at a house surrounded by overgrown plants. On the enclosed front porch, a bald man with a sandy beard eyes the watch fob and asks, "Where did you get this, boy?" Ben declines to say, and Dennis lunges at him again. Bluto asks Sandy if he's going to take Ben upstairs. Sandy drawls, "She wants to see you first...Lee." "Lee" turns out to be Dennis, who doesn't seem thrilled about that news. I'm not thrilled either, because now the "Jason Lee" thing is going to be really confusing. Dear Carnivàle writers: Either give everyone names when we first see them, or don't ever mention their names. Thanks, Strega. P.S. Please make sense soon.

Samson's in the chow line as he tells Stumpy, "Forget it." As breakfast is served, Stumpy whines for a while. It seems that Stumpy wants to do midday shows in the Gay Paree tent. You know, for the kids! Samson vetoes that idea. I love Samson and all, but there's still not enough happening in this scene for me to spend more time on it.

Jonesy marches up to some carnies and learns that someone named Angus has left. Burley adds, "Said he's tired of working with a split-tail." Jonesy looks over at Sofie, who's working on the carousel a little ways away. Burley turns to Osgood for backup and asks, "Ain't that what he said?" Osgood mutters, "He didn't say nothin' like that to me." Jonesy asks for a pair of gloves, and Osgood says he thought that Jonesy had his own gloves. Jonesy suddenly discovers how to be snide: "I did, but I don't no more." The delivery was funny, trust me. Burley continues to complain about Sofie, and finally turns away saying, in a terribly looped line, "Maybe you ought to grow a pair and can her ass." Jonesy snaps, "What was that?" Burley corrects himself: "Um, I said, 'Baby, you ought to show your mare some fresh-cut grass.'" Okay, he just grumbles that it was nothing, and stomps off.

Jonesy marches to the carousel and tells Sofie to come with him. He leads her to where two carnies are starting to dig a latrine pit, and tells them to shove off. Then he marks out an eight by four patch of dirt and tells Sofie to dig a hole four feet deep. Sofie picks up a shovel and starts digging.

Brother Justin sings "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" to himself as he admires himself in his bedroom mirror. He appears to be looking at something at the reflection of something off to the left as he sings, "For still our ancient foe/ does seek to work us woe."

Justin steps out of his room and runs into Iris in the hallway. He kisses her good morning (in a chaste way) and asks why she's carrying laundry around. Iris cheerfully insists that she can pitch in even if they have Celeste to help. Justin broodingly sighs, "Celeste." Iris asks what's up, and Justin shrugs, "Oh, I'm afraid she's not working out." He gives a "What can you do?" eyebrow-raise and heads downstairs. Iris ponders that, and then puts down the basket and enters Justin's bedroom.

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