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A Carnivàle Thanksgiving

Carnivàle. Ruthie and Lila are collecting their clothes from the laundry line. Ruthie looks around and asks, "Do you smell something burning?" Lila doesn't. As Ruthie pulls more clothing off the line, she sees a black-clad, veiled woman standing in a field. Ruthie looks back to Lila for a second, as if she was going to say something and thought better of it. When she looks at the field again, the woman is gone.

Sofie rests for a second. The pit she's digging is about a foot deep. One of the carnies, named Fletch, looks at Sofie and says, "Didn't know Janes could pesspire [sic] like that." Burley chuckles, "You never made a woman sweat before?" Burley bets that Sofie will quit within forty minutes. Fletch figures Sofie will last two hours. Burley bets "half a bean" that Sofie quits in half an hour. As Fletch tries to work out how much half a bean is, Burley asks Osgood if he's interested in betting. Osgood shakes his head and leaves. Fletch and Burley spit in their hands and shake on the bet.

Burley approaches Stumpy, who's carrying costumes across the camp, and mentions that he'll be coming into some money soon. Stumpy congratulates him without knowing why he's supposed to care. Burley finally asks Stumpy if he could make a date with Rita Sue tonight. Stumpy nixes that, pointing out that "Rita don't roll with trade." As Stumpy continues on his way, Burley snaps, "What about Jonesy?" Stumpy sags a bit and turns to ask, "What about him?" Burley argues that Jonesy "got hisself a piece." Stumpy stares at Burley for a second, and then chuckles, "Forget it."

Bluto is toying with some dice at the foot of the stairs. There's noise from above, and Sandy raises his shotgun nervously as Ben starts to lead Gramma backwards down the steps. Ben asks if Scudder ever mentioned him, or explained why he left. Gramma sounds bored as she says, "There was people after him." Sandy calls Ern, who runs up and goggles before asking, "How'd she get out?" Bluto doesn't know. The sight of Ben leading her isn't big enough clue? I guess Ben comes by his rapier wits honestly. Gramma asks Ben, "Those your cousins down there?" Ben looks down and mutters, "Cousins?" He then answers, "I guess they are." She sweetly tells Ben, "Those boys are jealous of you. They'd like to see you dead." The boys quickly insist that they wouldn't, and just as quickly trail off. Gramma grins and adds, "Ask Lee. He'll tell you." She turns to smile at the men at the foot of the stairs. Heh. Bluto nervously tells Gramma that they can bring anything she needs upstairs. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, Gramma says that Scudder grew up in this house, adding, "My baby. So pretty when he was a young-un." She coos about baby Scudder until Ben asks if she knows where Scudder is now. Gramma abruptly snaps, "All you do is ask questions! I'm talking about your daddy!" The other men edge back a tiny bit. Then she leans in to hug Ben, but mostly just sniffles at his neck and says, "You smell just like him." Ew.

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