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Episode 1

So Andrew did well. What about Rahim Jamal, of Santa Monica, CA? Rahim interviews that he worked on one idea all night and then decided to change it in the morning. He comes out in front of the judges; he got the logline about the crate for the military base going to the suburban family. He starts by asking if he can say something to preface it. Ratner says he should just get right to the pitch, so Rahim...prefaces his pitch by saying how long he's been up, how long he worked on his pitch, it was originally a comedy, which isn't his genre.... "Go into the pitch," repeats Ratner, less nicely, shaking his head. So he does, finally. In Rahim's story, the crate was supposed to go to the neighbour, and then the day after it's delivered to our protagonist family, the neighbour dies. Is the neighbour a military base, Rahim? If not, then you're off the brief. What the fuck. Anyway, the son breaks into the neighbour's house, sees Nazi insignia and shit. He's freaked out. "To make a long story short," says Rahim, ill-advisedly, the father hires a private investigator, and all that gets dug up are secrets and lies about his own family: "And that is my pitch." You kind of left out the middle of the story, there, dude. Ratner tells him to sleep before he comes to pitch. He's confident that Rahim can shoot a film, but then reminds him that the first thing he asked was to give a disclaimer. Rahim says he knows. Ratner tells him to be confident. Rahim says he's delirious, and Ratner tells him to quit making excuses. Fisher and Marshall agree that he shouldn't have been such a puss. Outside, Rahim cries that he blew it.

Contestant holding pen. Seriously, where is the Biltmore? That's a pretty nice hotel.

We follow Will to his home in Texas, where he talks about his kids, and we read between the lines that his wife has told him he can try this, but that if it doesn't work out, he needs to shut up about it and get a regular job that will provide shoes and medical benefits for his children. He got the mouse logline, and starts with his title: Of Mice And Rats. Eh. It's an animated buddy comedy. We start with a mountain of cheese and a pink hand reaching out for it: that's Phil, our country mouse. There's also a grubby hand, which takes Phil's cheese; the grubby mouse hand is that of Chuck, a barnyard rat. Seems like they're both country mice, then, but anyway, Phil can't chase Chuck because they both get picked up by a human lab tech. When the lights go out, we see an underground mouse brigade. They've been planning their escape, lacking only the muscle, which they've now found in Chuck. Sounds a lot like Chicken Run so far. The mice don't know what they're doing, the scientists are interfering, but then...our guys save the day in some way Will does not specify. The judges all like it. Outside, Will projects confidence.

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