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Episode 1

Then we get a montage of the judges giving good reviews to pitches we don't hear from Hilary, Mateen, Kenny, some guy, some girl. But apparently nothing could prepare them for Jeremy Corray, of Crestwood, MO, who promises to give "the most energetic presentation they've seen all day." God help us. He got the CIA slacker logline, and starts his pitch. It hews closely to the logline until his guy, Douglas Trumbull, gets a job taking down a crime boss's DVD duplication business. More like an FBI gig than CIA, but anyway, Jeremy gets so into his pitch that he takes off his belt and starts hitting the floor with it to show how a trapped Douglas gets beaten by the CIA agents who've trapped him. Or by the DVD duplicator. He's not really that clear. He gets rescued by Penelope77, his internet girlfriend, he gets the bad guy, and we end with a virtual online wedding: "I call it Synergynistic." Let me just say he lost the judges somewhere around the time he started belting the floor. Fisher looks at him quizzically. Marshall cracks, "You must be exhausted," but Jeremy proudly says they'll see that he's like that all the time. Not a selling point. Ratner says that the histrionics were distracting for a pitch. Outside, Jeremy says he wanted to stand out, and maybe took it too far. Inside, Fisher says he was memorable, but not in the way he'd have imagined. Outside, Jeremy high-fives someone, because he doesn't know.

At 11:42 PM, the wheat is being separated from the chaff. The contestants come out grouped by their loglines. We see Jeff, the would-be Ratner, again. Starting with the CIA slacker group, two people we haven't seen, plus Jeremy, get cut. Everyone else gets to come "sit with us," as Fisher puts it. Jeremy is shocked to be out in the first round.

Next, it's the priest group. Ramsey is the only one of his group -- which also includes Opie and Andrew -- to get cut.

Next, the mouse people. Dreadlocks (Claudia), Mateen, Kenny, a Marty Martin, and Will all make it through; Mark does not.

Next, the crate people. Rahim and a bunch of other people get cut. Rahim says he'll take this experience to the grave. I hope that doesn't occur after he takes his own life tomorrow. No one should cry about a Fox reality show that isn't American Idol, dawg!

I guess nothing interesting happened with the people who got the logline about the guy who sees himself on TV, because we don't get to see that group.

The remaining thirty-six contestants gather on the stage, and Ratner tells them they're great, basically. Fisher says their next assignment is to write, shoot, direct, and edit a short movie in twenty-four hours. Their logline is "out of time." That's it. And they'll be doing these movies in groups of three, with three locations, one for each director. Marshall asks how they know how their groups shake out, and Fisher says that they get to pick. Some people look pleased by that; others look distressed.

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