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Episode 1

Outside, there are a bunch of tables set up with three chairs each. The groups tend to coalesce fairly quickly. At each table is an envelope with their locations. Writing the script started immediately. Marty, Jeff, and some other guy start with a dead girl. They seem to clash right away. Marty interviews about experiencing all the same problems you did back when you had to do group work in school. Jeff doesn't think Marty knows what he's talking about. The third guy obviously isn't going to amount to anything because we don't get to hear one thing from him. Jeff takes Marty aside to try to calm him down. Marty doesn't like it.

The teams arrive at their locations. They're on almost no sleep. This is cruel. Instead of sleep, they get actors, equipment, what-have-you. The finished short is to be two and a half minutes long, with each director in charge of one of three scenes. At their location (a restaurant), Jeff is directing. He wants Coke watered down to look like scotch, and Marty unhelpfully says he can't do it because he doesn't drink. Meanwhile, he's standing at the bar as he says this, so why he doesn't take the imaginative leap of looking at a scotch bottle to see what colour the liquid is -- or thinking back to any of the million movies he's probably seen in his life with scotch in them -- I do not know. Jeff thinks Marty is being obstructionist, and I don't necessarily disagree. Marty says that Jeff is an egomaniac.

Elsewhere, Hilary directs her scene. She bosses around the heretofore unseen Brent McCorkle of Arlington, TX.

Elsewhere, Kenny directs his scene at a train yard. We learn that he never went to film school; unsurprisingly, he seems defensive about this. His two co-directors, both women, seem annoyed by his indecision, while he in turn seems annoyed that they're ganging up on him. Behind them, Kenny talks, while his partners -- holding a big abandoned armchair that they've moved out of his shot -- quietly ask each other if they can put it down yet. They finally ask him straight up where he wants it -- "even just temporarily" -- but he doesn't seem to notice that they're uncomfortably holding something heavy while he wanks around the set. Then he's dealing with the actors (one of whom I recognize as a hotel desk clerk from Almost Famous, who told Patrick Fugit's character that his mom freaked him out), and they also seem to have no patience for him. Hannah Sunk, of Raleigh, NC, reports that Kenny was all fits and starts. And then there's another crew (including Mateen) just down the way, and the two crews are in each other's shots. I'm guessing this happened because Kenny's dithering put their group over their allotted time.

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