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Episode 2

We open with a montage of scenes from famous films, which reminds us that we won't be seeing anything nearly as good this evening.

Then, the previouslies: some deluded people took the Universal tour, sucked at pitching, made us uncomfortable, and cried. Hell, I cried, because this show is so freakin' boring, it's got me missing Jeff Balis. BALIS, for crap's sake. And Gulager! Is someone going to take a skeezy whore-bath in the sink on this show, or do I have to cut a bitch? And by "a bitch," I mean Brett Ratner. Also, we met the judges; a bunch of non-starters got punted; the remaining contestants split into groups of three to shoot a short in 24 hours, and of these contestants, the show strongly suggested we hate Kenny, and also Jeff or Marty.

Marty directs his scene within the short he's sharing with Jeff and Silent Trever. He does a bunch of takes, and makes a bad joke to the actor in the scene, and Jeff interviews that Marty is freaking him out because he's "working too hard? For nothing?" On set, Jeff questions Marty's shot choice, and Marty tells him something or other about the lighting, which Jeff disagrees with; as the interview continues, Jeff claims that Marty is trying to prove that he's a filmmaker, in the way a sixth-grader tries to prove he's cool enough to hang with an eighth-grader (it's not just you; that makes no sense), and then Jeff dickily interrupts a take to correct Marty on the lighting point. Marty's like, I'm on it, Dad. I sort of felt Jeff in the last episode -- Marty seemed rigid and pouty to me -- but I'm over his condescending ass now.

Adam, Sam, and Zach shoot a scene in a clothing store. Zach, described by Adam as "the special-effects guru," is trying to do some effect with clothes hangers. (Zach's movie was the one with the rocket-launcher.) Adam and Sam express some concern that their project hinges on Zach's idea 1) working and 2) getting done on time, but they all seem to work well together.

Hannah, Jess, and Kenny. It's Hannah's scene, but Kenny's the director of photography for it, and he's bombarding her with suggestions. Hannah is not very forceful, and complains in an interview that she's "had to take the back-seat role," which I would not characterize as Kenny's fault. Jess interviews that Hannah is talented, but "not very confident." Hannah hopes "the magic can happen in the editing," and we see her sort of pantsing around ineffectually.

Editing time. A VO tells us that the directors haven't slept in two days, and they have to finish their shorts by 6 AM, eight-odd hours from now.

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