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Episode 3

Phil Hawkins is the youngest in the competition at twenty-two, and grew up in hard conditions in Manchester UK, according to him. Please Hold... is about a woman whose house gets burgled. She calls the police and gets put on hold, which is a wholesale ripoff of a Simpsons sketch, among other things. Carrie loved the look but didn't think it was funny, and D.J. and Garry know the joke has been done before.

Shira-Lee is from South Africa and just quit her teaching job to come here. Her film is called Check Out; A woman runs into a cute guy at the security checkpoint in an airport, and they get into a little stripteasing game -- except she was fantasizing the whole time. This was my favorite -- it was fun and unexpected, and as Carrie sort of says, it's the film I'll remember the most from this night. The judges rave about it; D.J. and Garry point out that she's the first one to throw pain and sex (respectively) into her comedy, which is a truth the other filmmakers would do well to remember.

Sam Friedlander is last (but certainly not least, at least in the looks department) and has been making films since he was a kid. His short is called Replication Theory, and is all about farting. However, it's a funny story about how people have been finding things to blame for their farting throughout the ages, and it was also really well shot. Even fart-hater Carrie loves it, and D.J. and Garry love the production values and originality. Which is nice, because Sam smiles big at the end, and that's one of the highlights of the show for me.

At the end, America is told to vote, and that when we return on Tuesday (yikes!) we'll cut three people. Oh, and we're told to visit the show's website, but as far as I can tell, it sucks ass. The judges loved Zach's film the most; Sam, Adam, and Shira-Lee also get props. I'll tell you this, too; I've been to quite a few film festivals, and the quality of these shorts was no joke. Maybe having a full professional crew at your disposal helps after all!

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