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Episode 4

Tier Two: Adam (Dance Man), David (File Size), and Hilary (Bus Number One) are safe (really, America? Hilary?), and then Will (Lucky Penny) is this tier's Top Three representative. So it's Kenny (Wack Alley Cab) and Claudia (Blind Date). These were both terrible, but Kenny's was far worse, so of course it's Claudia going home, but that's the right choice as far as keeping my annoyance level down. Streamers and balloons fall from the ceiling as Garry's prize for saying "my sister Penny" for the billionth time in his life, and how sad is it that he's giving all the rejectees their send-off? Claudia babbles about some feature that she and her friends are going to shoot. Don't threaten me, girl.

Tier Three: Andrew (Spaced Out) Shalini (Love In The Year 2007), and Mateen (Soft) are safe, and Jason (Getta Rhoom) is in the Top Three, which is even more an indictment of American society than his tasteless film was, especially since that means they're SHOWING IT AGAIN. Phil hugs Jason big, so apparently their touchy-feely Working Out Their Issues segment was a huge success; Carrie insults her daughter yet again and America in general, and then it's Phil (...Please Hold) and Jessica (How To Screw In A Light Bulb) on the chopping block, and after yet ANOTHER commercial, Phil is rather cruelly eliminated. DJ at least gives him the sendoff, and a nice one at that. But oh my God, this episode both sucked and blew; other than the eliminations, we didn't get a shred of new content that anyone would care about, right down to the fact that we don't even have any idea what the next assignment is. Which is just possibly a subtle indication of something, because who needs this?

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