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Episode 5

Last person up tonight: Shalini. Her film is called Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Odyssey, about a gay South Asian comic. More talk about the production difficulties, which of course are the same for everyone, right? Speaking of the same for everyone, what are the odds of going home this week again? After Shalini tells us, we see the film, which is a three-minute collection of sound bites disguised as a documentary. Well, I admit I'm being very reductive here, but the fact is that the guy just isn't very interesting. For a gay man from India, the experiences he relates sound exceedingly banal. I would have liked to hear something about how his difficulties led him into comedy, but all he can spout is a bunch of "be yourself" bullshit that makes me think he doesn't know why he got into it himself. I mean, maybe she didn't have that much footage to choose from given the five-day window, but then maybe don't make a documentary, you know? The interviews certainly had some (albeit derivative) visual flair, but still.

Carrie liked it but hated the "be yourself" part, and I'm going to have to drink a whole to more to get used to the idea that we're sounding like the same person tonight. Michael Bay says she gave him a chill, in a good way, and says she has the best visual style of the five, which…not based on this, because while it looked good, it hardly looked new or creative for this genre. Garry babbles a long time about style and women filmmakers, but given that his only real comment is that she needs to work on "engaging" people, Adrianna's enthusiastic "Not bad!" seems mistimed at best.

Judges favorites: Carrie's is Sam's, Michael's is Shalini's, Garry's is Adam's. The other filmmakers (in their completely objective opinions) picked Shalini's movie as the best and Hilary's as the worst. So it looks like that performance/results thing starts next week, as they'll do the same thing but tack on an elimination. They'll probably make room for that by not having to talk about the fact that Michael Bay has a movie coming out next Valentine's Day. See you next Tuesday, Adrianna!

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