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Episode 7

Carrie gently tries to suggest that some dialogue might help Will next time. Wes liked it but suggests that seeing through the eye should have been the color version, which makes sense but wouldn't have saved the story for me. Wes is being specifically constructive, though, which is nice. Garry obliquely mentions his sister Penny, which is a change from his typical explicit "my sister Penny," and makes no sense, as usual. Also, Wes Craven won't even look at Adrianna, so his stock is continuing to rise.

Jason: Blood Born, about a troubled kid who discovers that he has a miraculous gift. He says he's a Christian guy, which is hilarious, given that the protagonist of his last short got cast out of paradise for uttering a pithy catchphrase. Even the Old Testament and 7th Heaven were more forgiving. Also, Jason has a kid. Anyway, in his film, this guy goes to see a doctor, but the attending nurse tells him he's not on the appointment list. We then get a flashback presumably explaining why he's there, only the sound quality therein is so horrible as to be completely indecipherable, at least for me, although it does seem that the guy is into drugs. Back in the present, he goes to the bathroom and looks all tortured, and then we see he's in a blood bank. Turns out this guy, "Brandon," has been giving blood for a while, and every person who's received his blood has been mysteriously healed of illness. Then, as the doctor's voice-over tells him that he's a gift from God, outside the hospital, some guy drives by and pulls a gun and points it at him, and we don't see it, but we're meant to think Brandon gets killed. I guess the guy was involved with the drugs somehow, but there was still no character development, complete contrivance, and a message, if you can call it that, that's more depressing than northern Scandinavia in winter. Of course, the unintentional hilarity is that it was probably the illegal pills in the guy's blood that cured all those people. Do you think big pharma knows about this?

Carrie's confused by Jason's claim that he doesn't like to use non-Christian things in his films like drugs and violence, given, you know, all the drugs and violence. She does give him the benefit of the doubt that there was an intended moral, but says it wasn't clear. Wes agrees, and calls out the shoddy sound as well, although he thinks it was an intended effect, whereas I thought it was just crappy production. Garry hated it but says it was nice filmmaking, and that's half right, which at least is good for him.

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