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Episode 7

However, horror does get served as Carrie rips the film to shreds, and I hated Jessica's first film, but I don't think this is quite deserved. The other judges hated it too, but if I'm being honest, I liked it better that Jason's or even Mateen's. At least the tree didn't drone on about how the hacksaw guy worked too hard, you know?

The judges all liked Zach's movie best, so I guess there's some agreement here. So next week, they'll be showing six "original comedies," which means half the field will be competing, and I can only hope they'll up the number of people taking the Greyhound home. Well, I really hope that it's canceled and I won't have to see it, but I'm sure that's too much to ask for. Or is it, Wes Craven?

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