Once and Again
Aaron's List Of Dreams

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Two Makes a Home

Later, Lily's in her bedroom, mulling things over. She slides back the curtain to see whether Mr. Miller is continuing his vigil in the car. He is.

Soliloquy Lily continues telling us about the beginning of Aaron's problems: "My dad drove up and he brought Aaron home and put him in a hospital. And he's been there, more or less, ever since."

We flash to Soliloquy Aaron, very much focused and in control, tossing the juggling pins expertly around his body.

Judy, in her coat and scarf, pokes her head in Lily's room to tell her that Aaron's packing. Subdued, she adds that she's three hours late at Booklovers, so she's going to head out, too. Lily nods. "I still think you're wrong," Judy says, adding that she can't believe Lily didn't trust her enough to tell her about Aaron's self-destructive incident. Lily sighs heavily and says that it wasn't about trust, "it was about fear." She apologizes. The corners of Judy's mouth tug themselves into something resembling a smile, and she slowly turns to leave.

Cut to Grace finding Aaron sitting on her bed. He pops up when he sees her and nervously explains that he had to use her bathroom. She tells him it's okay and asks if she can come in. He relaxes and says, "It's your room." She smiles and says she's glad he remembers. She steps marginally into the room, leaning against the door frame. Aaron takes a seat on the bed again. Grace asks if she can sit with him, and he jumps slightly. "I know you like to be asked, so..." she adds. "I do, thank you," he answers, scooching over a little to make room for her. He pats the bed next to himself. "I liked your place. It'll be fun to visit you --" Grace ventures. Aaron abruptly holds up a hand, telling her, "No." He makes a shushing gesture and shakes his head. Grace, a little taken aback, asks what he means.

Rick creeps up the staircase and overhears the two of them. He pauses to listen, looking thoughtful.

Aaron tells Grace that he's going to go back to the group home: "I can't leave something that I've never had, which is something of my own." He crosses his arms over his heart and tears up. "You mean someone," Grace says, her eyes misting. "I mean her," Aaron says, his voice gravely. "I know," Grace says. He looks up from his hands, hardly daring to believe that she might understand, and studies her eyes. "I know," Grace says slowly. His eyes soften gratefully. Tentatively, she reaches out and places her hand lightly on his shoulder. He pats her fingers with his own.

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Once and Again




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