Once and Again
Aaron's List Of Dreams

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Two Makes a Home

Cut to Lily and Shelley walking down the hallway together. Shelley says that an independent-living situation has opened up, and that she has to recommend someone for it. "So, you're recommending Aaron?" Lily asks uncertainly. Shelley says that she believes Aaron is ready to try it -- with help -- and assures Lily that "the place is close" and that she'll check in on him regularly. She adds that Lily and Judy can stop by whenever they want, too. Shelley leaves Lily at the door to Aaron's room, urging her to think about it. Lily looks doubtful.

Inside, Lily finds Aaron sitting on his bed, fiddling with clocks that Miriam gave him for his birthday. "Miriam says that if you're going to live independently, you need clocks," he informs her. "Do you agree?" he asks. Lily hesitates and then says that she guesses so. She clears a sweater off the chair next to Aaron's bed, and he grabs the sweater protectively, admonishing her that it's Miriam's. Lily apologizes as Aaron holds the sweater to his face and takes a big sniff. He declares that Miriam is "a wise woman." Lily lies that she can see that. Aaron says, "Miriam is a name in the Bible." Lily says she thinks she knew that. Aaron quotes, "'Where she walked, fields burst into bloom.'" Lily remembers the woman's stringy hair and unwashed face and silently doubts that it applies in this case. Testing, she says she's never heard him mention Miriam before. Aaron retrieves something from his dresser drawer, shuts it decisively, and decides to change the subject, telling Lily matter-of-factly that Miriam is in a movie. Lily plays along: "She is?" "Mmm-hmm. Casablanca. We watch it every night after meds. Just me and her." Aaron lies back on his bed, staring at the ceiling and dreaming aloud: "When I get my own place, I'm going to play golf, grill chicken, and have dogs. Miriam says the sky's the limit." Lily tries to keep the pity out of her face as she listens. Aaron bolts up and leans forward urgently to ask, "What does that mean?" Lily says she guesses it means that the possibilities are limitless. Aaron leans back and glances at the window beside his bed, saying that "the sky is a phenomenon." Lily agrees, her voice steeped in sadness. Aaron reaches into his shirt pocket and mutters that Miriam said he should write things down. He produces a sheet of creased notebook paper and holds it out for Lily's inspection. "Aaron's list of dreams..." Lily reads, scanning the page. "Long list," she says, looking up at him with a small smile. Aaron tells her that he loves Miriam. He folds up his list and returns it to his pocket, saying that he only wants to live independently if he can live with Miriam. Lily rubs her forehead wearily, and Aaron drops his head to stare at the floor, sensing that he's disappointed her somehow. She asks whether he's talked to Shelley about it. Aaron avoids her eyes and the question. "Aaron?" Lily prods. When he finally looks up, he says, "'Where she walks, fields burst into bloom.'" He looks at Lily beseechingly. Well, there's not much to say to that, so Lily tells him that the girls made him some cookies. His reaction is pure glee. Lily's smile fades as soon as Aaron's distracted by the Tupperware.

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Once and Again




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