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Two Makes a Home

Later, Lily, Rick, and Judy are huddled in the kitchen, debating how to handle the unexpected visit. Judy suggests calling Shelley. Rick asks if "they're even allowed to leave" the home. Judy's voice shoots up an octave as she reminds them that the home isn't a prison. Lily yanks open the fridge, muttering that she doesn't know why the whole thing is freaking her out so much. Oh, I can think of a reason or two. Rick rubs her back. Lily straightens up and snaps, "I had a pound and a half of shrimp in here. Where is it?"

Cut, not surprisingly, to Miriam, stuffing her face with said crustaceans. She takes a bite of one and drops it back in the bowl with the rest. Gross. The camera pans back and we see that she's seated with Aaron, Grace, and Zoe in the living room. Grace asks how they met, and Aaron says they were on the same meds. "And we started talking," Miriam slurps around a mouthful of shrimp. "And her teeth were musical notes," Aaron says, reveling in the sight of her inhaling the shrimp. "Baby! You never said that before," Miriam squeals, abandoning the shrimp to inhale Aaron instead. She straddles him and they make sucky noises. This is starting to remind me of a David Lynch movie. Grace and Zoe fight the urge to run screaming from the room. Or maybe that's just me.

Lily gets Shelley on the phone and asks what they should do. Shelley, ever unruffled, confirms that it's not a problem for Aaron to be there. Miriam, however, isn't authorized to stay anywhere but at the home. Lily covers the mouthpiece and relays the info to Judy, trying to keep the relief out of her voice. This gives Shelley just enough time to reconsider: "I don't know. Maybe running away was enough trauma for one day. Let her stay the night. I'll cover for you. It's not illegal." Lily's heart sinks, and she questions, "It isn't?" Shelley laughs and says that the home isn't a prison. Someone off-screen calls for her, and with that, Lily's left to deal with Miriam. Judy asks what Shelley said. "I guess they're both staying," Lily manages to choke out.

Cut to the entire herd assembled around a spread of take-out in the dining room. Lily announces that Miriam and Aaron can spend the night, and Rick pipes up that Jessie is at her mom's for the night, so they can have her room. I swear, Zoe heaves a visible sigh of relief that Miriam's greasy head won't be rolling around all over her pillow cases. For some reason, Lily thinks it prudent to mention that Miriam will have to return to the home in the morning. Aaron's visibly upset by the news. Judy jumps in to explain gently that Miriam doesn't have her father's permission to live away from the home. Aaron protests that she doesn't need permission: "She voted in the last election." Miriam shares that she voted for Ralph Nader. Rick absorbs this info with pursed lips, as if that tidbit alone confirms that Miriam is not sane. I'll just keep my political views to myself.

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Once and Again




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