Once and Again
Aaron's List Of Dreams

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Two Makes a Home

Miriam tells Lily that Aaron is going to get a job. Lily cocks her head as if she didn't hear right. Miriam explains that they need money, because she needs some real pearls, and she doesn't believe that wives should...Lily butts in to make sure she heard correctly: Aaron is really getting a job? "Lesbians work, but not wives," Miriam replies. Lily surveys her for a second and realizes that the hope of having an actual conversation is gone. Miriam informs her that "Leno is a lesbian" and she and Aaron are going to be guests on his show. Lily runs her hands through her hair to keep from throttling Miriam.

"They marry in Paris, Aaron and Caroline," Soliloquy Lily smiles. "On one of those boats, on the Seine, with the lights...what are they called?"

Lily and Miriam are interrupted by Aaron, who pauses at the top of the stairs and surveys them apprehensively. Lily turns and asks if he has everything he needs. He mumbles that he does. "You sure?" Lily asks. Aaron steps toward Miriam, saying with relish, "Yes. Miriam has substantial breasts." He leans over to give her a kiss, while Lily looks on uncomfortably. Realizing that she's not really needed, she says good night and heads downstairs. She takes her time, watching as Miriam slaps an ill-fitting, curly blonde wig on her head and primps for Aaron. He sighs appreciatively and reaches for her hand.

Lily crawls into bed next to Rick, wearing for the third time this season the t-shirt my boyfriend made. And, yes, I do have to point it out every time it's on. "Rick I'm going to say something terrible," she warns him. Rick plumps his pillow and licks his chops: "Great, I've been waiting." Lily hisses, "Zoe's right: [Miriam] smells!" Rick points out that Aaron smells a little, too. "Oh, much, much less!" Lily insists. She frets that Aaron wants to marry Miriam, and she doubts that Miriam can take care of him. She notes that Miriam almost burned down the kitchen. Rick sighs and makes lip-smacking sleepy sounds and murmurs that Lily almost burned down the kitchen, too. Although I do enjoy it when Rick shows a little gumption, in this case, he's wrong. It was Tiffany who almost burned down the kitchen, not Lily. Lily doesn't point this out, but defends herself by whining that it was Thanksgiving. Apparently, there's a fire-starting amnesty on turkey day, or something. Lily keeps working herself up more and more, rambling on that they'll have to take care of Aaron, and then her mom and Rick's mom, because eventually they won't be able to take care of themselves either. Rick silences her with a kiss and the weary observation that she's "spiraling." Rick clicks off the light and they say good night. This doesn't stop Lily from chattering on, of course, saying she wishes her father were still alive, although he wouldn't know what to do, either. "Another illusion shattered," she sighs. She snuggles in against Rick's back and asks if he knows what those boats, on the Seine, with the lights are called. Rick doesn't answer because he's already asleep. Man, I wish I could do that.

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Once and Again




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