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Two Makes a Home

Cut to Grace's room, where she's flat on her back in bed, clutching the blankets to her chin. She stares at the ceiling, horrified by the sounds emanating from it: the squeaking of bed springs punctuated by groans, moans, cries, and gasps. Manning Manor hasn't seen this much action in ages. "Mom?" Zoe calls out, jolting Lily awake. Groggily, she asks what the problem is. Zoe opens the bedroom door and asks, "Can you hear them?" You'd have to be living in the next county not to. Lily throws off the covers and strides into the hall, warning Zoe to stay there. She glances in disbelief up the stairs and mutters, "This can't be happening." She resolutely shuts the door to the stairs, takes Zoe by the hand, and leads the traumatized girl back to bed.

The next morning, Lily and Aaron are seated in the kitchen. She watches him eat and asks how he likes the eggs. He smiles and murmurs that breakfast is an important meal. They reminisce about the breakfasts their grandmother used to make. Lily smiles at the memory, then grows somber. She leans forward and touches Aaron's arm, softly saying that she needs to tell him something, and she needs for him to try very hard to listen and not get upset. Aaron looks away noncomittally. Lily says that Miriam needs to back to the home today. Aaron looks around without meeting her eyes, absently patting his chest and asking if she has a pencil. He finds one and says that Miriam thinks he should write things down. He adds another item to his list of dreams. Grace barrels in and hovers behind them, asking, "Mom?" Lily tells her to give them a second. Aaron announces that he's adding eggs to his list, that he's going to have dozens of eggs. Lily tries to steer him back to the subject at hand, saying that everyone agreed Miriam could go with them to look at Aaron's new apartment, but then she has to go home. Grace rolls her eyes. Aaron soaks it in for a few seconds, then says that sometimes things confuse him, and he doesn't understand this. Judy comes in the back door, and Aaron, visibly upset, tells her that Miriam has to go home. "Oh, sweetie," Judy sighs. Aaron stands up and says he'd like to go upstairs, "if that's okay." "Of course, sweetie," Judy says. Yeah, he has a name, Judy.

Grace waits until Aaron is gone, then levels Lily with, "So, you're kicking her out?" Lily, exasperated, says that she isn't kicking Miriam out; Miriam can't stay there because it's illegal. (Didn't Shelley say that it isn't, though?) "What a relief," Judy snides. Easy for her to say when it's not her apartment that'll need fumigating once Miriam's gone. Lily snaps at Judy to stop it and asks what Lily's supposed to say. Judy suggests, "That you'd be much happier if he never saw her again." Grace tries to butt in with her opinion, but Lily's too pissed at Judy to let her. She grits that she can't believe Judy thinks that. Grace just keeps yammering, saying that she thinks Aaron and Miriam's "love is really touching and beautiful, and [Lily] should support it with all [her] heart." Lily sarcastically says that she'll think about it, or better yet, they should make a list: "Number one: how do they go to the store? Number two: how do they cook without burning the house down? How do they do laundry? Would they do laundry? And -- god forbid -- what if she gets pregnant, or one of them gets sick?" Judy lets her finish and says that there are answers to every one of those problems. Lily impatiently says that relationships are hard enough "when people have normal damage." Grace, with all her life experience, speaks up again, saying, "So what if they have problems?" She adds that she thinks if anyone would understand that, it would be Lily. Lily looks from one to the other and snaps, "Oh, great. So now I'm Cruella DeVil!" Judy self-righteously mutters that she's going to go see how Aaron is. "Well, why don't you do that? Because clearly I don't care!" Lily snarks. Judy spins and starts to glower. Lily bitterly suggests that they take Aaron and the gang to the apartment without her; she has a lot to do at home. She busies herself at the sink, ending the conversation.

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Once and Again




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