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Guess where we open this week? If you said the kitchen at Manning Manor, you're either psychic, or you've seen every other episode this season. Anyway, Eli heaves an enormous frozen turkey onto the counter in front of Zoe, who's slurping up cereal. "That's disgusting!" Zoe sniffs. Lily trails Eli through the back door, straining under the weight of a couple brown paper bags. She reminds Zoe that she ate a turkey sandwich just the day before. Grace moans her way in from the laundry room, holding up a shirt and bitching, "Why does she always do this? I was going to wear this today!" Jessie enters the kitchen with her ears burning and tells Grace that she was worried the shirt would shrink, so she didn't want to put it in the dryer. Here's a thought: why doesn't her Royal Sighness do her own frigging laundry? Slightly embarrassed, Grace mutters, "Oh, thanks." Zoe wants to know why their turkeys are always so huge, and Lily says that it's because the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers. She slaps her hands enthusiastically on the counter and chirps, "Okay, what time can you guys be here tonight?" Everyone but Zoe mumbles their respective excuses. "You know tonight's Pie Night!" Lily burbles, trying to muster some excitement. Pie Night? How'd this episode score the "PG" rating that's up in the corner of the screen? Lily takes in the blank faces and reminds them that Pie Night is a tradition. Grace points out that she and Jessie can't skip the play rehearsal, since it's "tech week." Lily wheedles that since it's their first Thanksgiving, she "wants everything to be --" "Perfect," Grace supplies. "Special," Lily insists. She cheerily suggests that she and Zoe will start on the pies, and the rest can join them as soon as they're finished living their lives.

The Adolescent Three file out of the kitchen, and Eli mutters to Grace, "You guys sure have a lot of traditions." Grace explains that Lily is insane for Thanksgiving, and usually wigs out this time every year, with her insanity lasting through New Year's. Jessie asks how many pies they usually make, and Grace deadpans that there are still some left over from last year. Smirks all around.

Meanwhile, Zoe's thrilled at the thought of Pie Night, raving that she loves making pies with Lily. She plunks a sifter down on the counter and moves to the sink to wash her hands. Staring at the sifter sends Lily plunging into a grainy flashback of herself as a little girl, staring eagerly up at adult hands as they tap flour through a sifter. So that's why she's so manic for Pie Night. She's yanked out of her reverie by a shuddering, grinding sound from the sink. It sounds like there's a Lawnboy in the pipes, and filthy water is spurting out of the taps. Lily covers her face and shrieks in horror.

The teens file down the staircase toward the front door, calling out a series of goodbyes. Lily's too busy unloading groceries and freaking out on the phone in the kitchen to notice. She tells the person on the other end that she knows it's the day before Thanksgiving, but she's "got nine people coming to dinner, and it's the first time [they've] all been together since [she] and [her] husband got married." After a pause, she supplies, "Six months." A few personal details later, she and the person have bonded, and Lily's voice sails an octave higher as she exclaims, "You can? Do you think you could be here before four o'clock?" Apparently, the person can. Relieved, Lily gushes her thanks and puts the last of the groceries into the fridge. She makes a show of fighting the door closed on all that food.

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