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Chaos Theory

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Chaos Theory

Okay, what? Grace knows that Lily is cooking a huge dinner single-handedly, and just a couple hours before, offers up the house as a rehearsal site? And the teacher accepted? This is beyond ridiculous.

Lily doesn't have much choice, so she agrees, albeit unenthusiastically. As the mob surges into the living room, Lily yanks Grace aside. She'd better give her hell for being so inconsiderate. Lily wants to know how Grace could not make sure that Jessie had a ride. Is Jessie four years old all of a sudden? All the other kids found themselves rides. "Mom, she's fine. I'm not the tour director of her life, okay?" Grace grits. The front door opens, and the two of them turn, expecting to see Jessie. Instead, it's Eli, hefting equipment and trailed by his bandmates. He explains they need a place to rehearse, so they'll be in the garage. He glances at the chaos in the living room, but wisely chooses not to ask what's going on. Lily stands there, agape, while people stream past her and the plucky piano kicks it.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Raoul bastes the turkey as Tiffany hops on a stool and chatters about wanting to do something to help. Raoul says the turkey's done, if you ask him. Which is funny, because I don't think anyone has. Tiffany asks how he can tell without one of those poppy meat thermometers. Raoul explains that he uses the old jiggle test. He wiggles the drumstick to demonstrate. Tiffany is impressed.

Lily's moving crap out of the living room to give the thespians more room. She's clearly lost her mind. Over the din, Zoe yells that Raoul thinks the turkey is done, but Lily shouts that they have to wait for Rick to get home before they take it out of the oven. She wades through the sea of people with a lamp in her hand.

Karen's place is positively still. You can hear clocks ticking and dust motes falling, it's so quiet. She closes her closet door, having apparently decided against getting dressed, and surveys her bedroom restlessly.

Lily's back in the kitchen, pulling stuff out of the oven and burning the plumber's fingers. Grace rushes in to pull Lily into the living room. Jessie hasn't arrived yet, and they need someone to read her lines. And none of the other twenty people standing around with nothing to do are up to it, apparently. Lily protests that she doesn't have time, but Grace begs and promises that everyone will leave right afterward. Raoul ushers Lily out of the kitchen , saying he'll take care of things while she's gone. "Okay, well, don't let me forget the rolls!" Lily exclaims. "Oh, here," Tiffany says, scrawling yet another reminder on a sticky note. She slaps it onto Lily's sternum.

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Once and Again




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