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Chaos Theory

There's another fire starting in the dining room, but this one involves the seating arrangements. Jessie comes into the room and tells Zoe that she was going to sit in the chair that Zoe is in. Zoe wants to know why Jessie always gets to sit where she wants. Jessie says that she was there first, although I don't know how that's possible, since it's Zoe's ass that's planted on the seat. Grace grumbles for Zoe just to give up the chair. Tiffany announces that she can smell something. Jessie stomps around the table to sit between Eli and Grace. "I'll sit here," she mutters as she flops in the chair. "What is your problem?" Grace shrills at her. Rather than beating her about the head with a drumstick, as I surely would have done, Jessie just shrieks back, "What is your problem?" Eli shoots Grace a dirty look. Lily goes boom. That gets everyone's attention, and they stare at her as she rants on about how ungrateful they are, and how hard she's worked for the past two days with no help from them. "I think next year I'll just go play my guitar and stay at work!" she whines. Grace says they had stuff they had to do. "And acting like a family is something you have to do, too!" Lily snaps. Raoul is really happy he decided to stay for dinner, I'm sure. Grace counters that they "aren't one big happy family, in case [Lily] hasn't noticed," and says that if Lily weren't "so busy being cheerful all the time..." Lily snarls that she's not cheerful. Grace starts mocking Lily's excitement over Pie Night. Zoe chimes in that she actually wanted to help with the pies. Tiffany says she definitely smells something. Lily starts phase two of the lecture, but stops herself to ask, "What is that smell?" The smoke detector starts beeping as Raoul the helpful emergency plumber points to the kitchen and yells, "Smoke!"

Everyone races into the kitchen, where the stove is consumed in flames. The kid who plays Zoe almost laughs, but covers her mouth to save the take. Grace frantically calls 9-1-1 while Raoul valiantly tries to swat at the flames so he can turn off the stove. Does he know that turning off the stove won't actually put out the fire? Eli grabs the fire extinguisher, tells everyone to stand back, and lets the foam fly while making what can only be described as a sex face. Thankfully, we head to commercials.

After the break, Rick returns home to find firemen swarming around the front door. He rushes for the house with a full-on guppy face, and a fireman steps forward to assure him that everything is okay. Lily comes outside, wrapping her coat around herself. Rick asks what happened. "Oh, I burned down the kitchen," she says flatly. Rick asks whether she's all right. "Depends on how you define 'all right,'" she says. She gives him a cold stare, turns on her heel, and marches back into the house.

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Once and Again




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