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Chaos Theory

In the living room, everyone's chowing down. Raoul gets up and says he has to get going to his sister's. But not before he slips Tiffany his card and tells her to call if she ever has any "plumbing or household needs..." Household needs? Rowr! Raoul leaves, just as Judy and Sam walk in. Jessie spoons more dessert onto Grace's plate, because they suddenly don't hate one another anymore. That's the power of marshmallows, folks. Judy's surprised to see everyone sprawled around the living room, and says she likes it.

Still in the bedroom, Lily wipes at her eyes and freezes when she hears happy voices from downstairs. She cocks her head and then gets up to investigate. Halfway down the stairs, she pauses and takes in the familial bliss spread out before her. Rick glances up at her, sets down his plate, and comes to ask her to join them. Lily says she'd love to, and we get some close-up clips of everyone laughing and getting along.

Karen moves woodenly into her bedroom and clicks off the light, staring vacantly.

Jessie hands Lily a plate of food, and Rick hands her some wine. "I think this is my favorite holiday again," Lily says. She realizes it's about that time when she should be making her pull-it-all-together golden-tongued speech, and asks if it would break the mood if she said grace. "What?" Grace says. Lily explains that she meant a prayer. Grace tells her to go for it, and Lily launches into an impromptu expression of thanks. "We all know we have so much to be grateful for right now, just being here together," she begins. "All of us live our lives so locked away in ourselves, locked away in our hearts, locked away in our thoughts, all alone." We cut to Karen, alone in her room, to drive this point home. "When you go through something like we've all gone through in the past year, I think we need to come out of ourselves and reach out to each other." Grace glances at Jessie, full of guilt. "Because none of us really knows what could happen tomorrow; we don't even really know if we have a tomorrow. All we really have is today." Sam and Judy exchange a look. "All we have is this moment to say what needs to be said. I'm so thankful that we have each other. I love you. I love you very much." Everyone smiles, and Rick looks up at Lily adoringly. Zoe climbs onto Lily's lap for a hug. Jessie absorbs Lily's words. Lily, Lily, Lily.

Karen is jolted awake when she hears her front door open and close. She grabs her robe and heads out to confront the intruder. It turns out to be Jessie, who's set a plate of leftovers for Karen at the dining room table. Karen looks overcome when she sees it and, with a grateful sigh, pulls Jessie close. She smiles through her tears as she hugs her daughter tightly.

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Once and Again




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