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Chaos Theory

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Chaos Theory

Cut to Rick's office. Sam looks at the fax in Rick's hands and groans, "What, another one?" Rick shuffles through the pile of drawings as Sam suggests, "Maybe we should just fire him." "Before he fires us, you mean?" Rick asks. Sam makes a move to leave, and Rick reminds him that they have a meeting at seven. Sam wonders which of the two evils he should face: the meeting, or his "soon-to-be-please-God- ex-wife." He asks if Rick thinks "the pilgrims ever got separated." Rick deadpans, "No, I think they stayed married for life, had sex twice, and were very, very thankful." Sam insists, "I'm thankful." "Well so am I," Rick says. Sam accuses, "You're more thankful than I am." Rick points out that he has a reason to be. "Sure, you got rid of Karen and everything turned out well," Sam oinks. Rick sighs, "Sure, my son's a pothead, my daughter's anorexic and so's my business. I'm a poster child for divorce." "Lily's nicer than Karen," Sam says. Jesus, is he five? Rick says that's why he married Lily. Sam starts pulling on his jacket and complains, "On any given day, I have the adrenaline level of a man being chased by a herd of mastodons." How appropriate that he likens himself to a caveman. Sam wonders if there's any chance of scoring some pot from Eli. Rick almost smiles, and his eyes soften. "You know, I am thankful. In ways I never imagined," he says. Rick says people need to stop and ask themselves if they're where they really want to be. Sam quips that he'd like to be in Fiji. Rick says, "Let's start with Thanksgiving," and then invites Sam to Manning Manor, not realizing that Lily already got the turkey. Sam makes with the excuse that it'll be a family thing. Rick insists that Sam's like family: "Obnoxious. Competitive." He urges Sam to come, promising that "it'll be fun." Sam asks whether Judy will be there. He complains that it could be awkward and mutters that it's just "a day when people eat too much," yada yada who cares. Rick chides, "Sam, have you heard anything I've said?" Sam reluctantly promises to think about it. Rick notices Sam heading for the door and asks where he's going. Sam assures him, "Don't worry. I'll be back in plenty of time not to finish what we wouldn't have gotten done for the meeting anyway."

Cut to the dressing room at the school auditorium, where all the actors are yammering away. Alexa braves the chaos to bellow that there's been some sort of technical problem, and they're going to have to wait for it to get sorted out. Everyone groans as Creepitri spells it out for them: they'll have to postpone their tech run-through, which means working later than they'd planned. He reminds them that the play opens in nine days, and suggests that if they "don't want to embarrass [themselves] in front of [their] parents, [their] grandparents, and everyone [they] know on the planet," they'll be back to rehearse, in costume, at seven o'clock that night.

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Once and Again




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