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Chaos Theory

But that's in direct conflict with Pie Night!

After Creepitri's pep talk, Jessie approaches Grace uncertainly, interrupting her conversation with a couple of other girls to ask whether Grace will give her a ride. Grace sniffs that she will, in a minute, and she and her friends walk away. Jessie plunks down in a chair in front of the make-up mirror, looking glum.

Meanwhile, Lily's racing around the aisles of the grocery store as if she didn't just come from there earlier that morning. She finds herself standing next to Tiffany. After pleasantries, Tiffany asks whether Lily's bellybutton hurt when she was pregnant. Lily says that it did. They share a little sisterhood talk about how pregnancy is just a conspiracy, before Lily glances at her watch and remembers that she has a job. She says she should get back to work, and mutters that she's been at the grocery store three times already. Before she goes, she asks what Tiffany's doing for Thanksgiving, and then reminds herself that Jake went to see his mother. Tiffany reads the ingredients on a box of stuffing, and says that Thanksgiving was never a big deal for her. She shares that it was always so hard for her mother, except for one year, when they visited her "in rehab, and they had the best gravy. Everyone was so thankful!" Lily stares at her with pity and invites Tiffany to their dinner. Tiffany assures Lily that she doesn't have to keep being so nice to her. "Just come," Lily says gently. Tiffany looks secretly thrilled and accepts, asking what she can bring. Lily wheels her cart down the aisle, calling over her shoulder, "Nothing! It's going to be very simple. Three o'clock!" Tiffany shouts that she'll come early to help.

After commercials, we find Jessie wandering into Karen's house. It's dark and still, and Jessie stares around, looking a little creeped out. Her Soliloquy Self voice-overs that seems as if no one even lives there anymore, as if those "birds from Alice in Wonderland, with the brooms instead of tails...swooped in and erased everything." Isn't she there, like, four nights a week? Jessie surveys the almost-empty fridge as the front door opens and closes in the background. Karen is thrilled to see Jessie, saying that she wasn't expecting her. She shrugs off her coat, complaining good-naturedly, "Why does everyone want to sue the city on the day before Thanksgiving?" She flips on a light and gives Jessie a kiss on the cheek, asking if she'd like some tea. Jessie accepts, and Karen asks how the play is going. Jessie pouts that it's "okay" but gripes, "I swear, kids should not be allowed to do Shakespeare." She tries to make Karen promise not to come for opening night, but Karen won't hear of it. She's going to be there opening night and every night after. "It's going to be so lame," Jessie complains. Karen notices her eating yogurt out of a big container, and frets, "Oh, you're hungry! I'm sorry, I didn't really get a chance to get to the market." Unlike Lily, who's pitched herself a tent in the produce aisle. Hesitantly, Jessie asks what Karen's plans are for Thanksgiving. Karen says she's having dinner with friends -- Deborah and Steve -- who she hasn't seen in a long time. Jessie tries to smile. Karen sighs, sensing Jessie's guilt, and says that they've "been trading off holidays for a long time now." She asks whether Lily's having just the family. Jessie says she thinks Judy is coming, too. Karen thinks that will be nice. "It'll be weird," Jessie mopes. "Not Judy. I mean...Grace hates me for one thing." Karen pooh-poohs the notion, saying that Jessie and Eli fight all the time and it doesn't mean anything. "This is different. Trust me," Jessie insists. Karen tries to cheer her up by suggesting they make their famous marshmallow dessert for the dinner. Jessie groans and wonders why "adults are so obsessed with food." She starts telling Karen about Pie Night, but stops herself with a guilty eye-roll, remembering that's she's supposed to be there. "Pie Night?" Karen asks, incredulous. She and Jessie shoot one another a look and erupt in giggles. Jessie rolls her eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, and Karen happily kisses her cheek. Through her laughter, Jessie asks whether Karen can give her "a lift."

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Once and Again




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