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Chaos Theory

Cut to Rick tiptoeing into their darkened bedroom. He knocks into something, and Lily says softly, "I'm up." He apologizes. Lily asks how the meeting went, and Rick sighs that he's "the referee" in Sam and Ian's "titanic macho artist death struggle." Rick crawls under the covers, saying he got the cinnamon and sugar, but no apples. He starts snuggling up to Lily's back, rubbing her hip suggestively. She murmurs, "That feels good," but that's about all the response he gets. He stifles a yawn and asks, "You want to, uh...?" Lily yawns right back at him and says, "Yeah, sure." Wow, that's hot. Rick yawns one more time and says, "Lil? Lil, you awake?" She jumps back to consciousness, saying that she is, and asks whether he set the alarm. He wonders why, reminding her that it's Thanksgiving tomorrow. Lily points out that frozen dead birds can be harsh taskmasters, and she has to get up 6:30 AM to pull the turkey out of the freezer. Rick fumbles with the alarm, graciously offering to get up in her place to take care of the turkey. Lily snuggles into his shoulder, purring that he's very sweet. Rick adds that he'll let the plumber in, too. Lily closes her eyes and murmurs, "I love you." Rick braces himself and adds that he will then have to go to work. Lily swats his chest and pouts that she hates him. She sits bolt upright as Rick scrambles to assure her that it won't be for the whole day, and he'll be back in time for..."For what?" Lily whisper-yells, flipping on the bedside lamp so he can see her glaring indignation. "For dinner," Rick cowers. He asks if she thinks he's making it all up to get out of helping her. "Rick, do you have any idea what this day means to me?" she demands. Oh, well, as long as it's all about her. She whines that it's not about the help; it's about them being a family. She points out that it's their first Thanksgiving as a family, in case it somehow slipped his notice. Rick says he knows. "No you don't!" Lily squeals, griping, "You've been working every minute since you took this job!" Rick voices the question on all our minds: Did she prefer it when he was unemployed? Lily pouts that they're either a family or they're not, and there's "no indication that [they're] anything but six strangers living in a boarding house." She says that Eli and Grace will be gone soon, and she wants the kids to bond while they're all still together, or they never will. Rick sighs wearily. He'll have plenty of time to think about what a selfish, inconsiderate ass he is as we head to commercials.

We return just as the crappy little alarm clock starts beeping next to Rick. Lily nudges him, but he begs for just another minute. Lily heaves a disgruntled sigh and drags her martyred ass off toward the kitchen while Rick sleeps on, blissfully unaware of his broken promise.

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Once and Again




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