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Cut to Karen walking along a sidewalk and taking notes while some guy points out the history and significance of every building they pass. They reach an alley and notice a bit of a commotion. It's Miles, surrounded by a camera crew (and Rick). Miles is making a pitch to the camera. Karen recognizes the players and excuses herself to confront them. Rick sees her coming and moves to head her off. "What's this?" Karen asks. "Electronic press kit," Rick says. Karen tells him that she's there "fact finding." Miles notices them talking and breaks for a minute to join them. "Why do I think I know who this is?" he asks. Rick makes the proper introductions. Miles says it's a pleasure to meet her and, "believe it or not, [he's] heard the nicest things about [her]." Karen doesn't look entirely convinced. Miles expresses his wish to meet again under "more peaceful" circumstances, and Karen says she hopes he's right before excusing herself. Turning away, Miles observes, "She seems somewhat formidable," which for whatever reason, makes me want to see Karen kick his ass up and down. Rick informs him that he has "no idea."

Back in the therapy session, Dr. R asks if they can tell him how many struggles they get into. Karen's quick to answer that "it's not like [they] argue all the time." The wise doctor points out that "argue isn't the same as struggle."Arms folded, he watches them levelly and asks what their disagreements are. Rick admits that they're "not necessarily in agreement on how to handle this whole eating thing." Rick says he knows it can be serious, but he doesn't think it's helpful to Jessie to make a big deal out of it. Implying, of course, that Karen is making a big deal out of it. She gets what he's saying, and doesn't like it. She sets her deflector shields on maximum and says he doesn't know how she handles things -- is he at her house all the time? Rick says he knows because of what Jessie says. Karen pooh-poohs that, saying, "Jessie thinks I make a big deal by saying good morning." The doc intercedes before they can degenerate into yet another round of verbal boxing, asking Karen to describe her thoughts about food and eating. She admits to wondering whether she caused Jessie's problem, or if she's making it worse. She tells him that she tries to keep a healthy perspective on foods by not letting too much junk food in the house. "Well, forgive me for noticing, but you do seem to be in remarkably good shape," the doc notes. Rick perks up noticeably at this comment. The doctor asks if Karen works out a lot. Karen admits that she's "kind of compulsive" about running. He asks if she's ever had an eating disorder. Karen's expression makes it clear that she's insulted and she resents the question. "Why would you ask that?" she snaps. He suggests that she does "think a lot about what" she eats. "Every woman worries about what she eats," Karen says defensively. Well, now, I don't know about that. I worry about running out of Ben & Jerry's, if that counts.

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Once and Again




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