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We see Jessie in the locker room again, where she's putting her shoes on after soccer practice. She's the only one there until Grace comes in, sweaty and grimy from her own practice. She plunks down next to Jessie and says, "So, I'm really sorry about the other day." She admits that she heard Rick talking to Lily -- they didn't know she was there. Jessie softly says, "It doesn't matter," and moves to gather her stuff. Grace takes a deep breath and says, "You know what? It's just that, if I were you, I'd be embarrassed, too, if people knew I was seeing somebody. But there are a lot of times that I think maybe that wouldn't be so terrible...What I'm trying to say is, sometimes I wish I could see somebody, too." Jessie's eyes widen and a faint smile appears. "Really?" she asks. Grace gives her a big smile and says that "that's all [she] really wanted to say the other day." You can see by Jessie's expression that Grace's words have gone a long way toward making her feel better.

Back in the office, the doc suggests that Jessie's parents "must be walking around like [she's] one big egg shell." Jessie tells him he has no idea. He asks what their worst thought must be about her. "That I'm a complete loser," she says around her pinkie, which she's chewing furiously.

Cut to Jessie in her bedroom, where she's working on homework. Karen comes in wearing her running gear. She hassles Jessie over writing thank-you notes for her birthday presents. Jessie tells her that she'll do them. Karen says she just doesn't want Jessie to forget. Jessie snaps that she'll do them. Karen laughs and sits down, saying she knows that Jessie will. "Then why do you keep bugging me about it?" Jessie shouts, staring at the bloody stump where her mother's head used to be. Karen, of course, shifts into lecture mode. She's the antithesis of a motivational speaker. She tells Jessie that she's "not going to treat [her] like there's something wrong with [her]. If [Jessie] has responsibilities, she expects [her] to meet them." Jeez, just go for a run already and leave the kid alone. Maybe a nice jog will loosen The Pole a little. Jessie flips. She tells Karen that she doesn't want her to treat her differently, but Jessie doesn't understand why Karen always has to make her feel bad. Karen insists that she's "not making [her] feel bad" because she's an expert, you know, on what's going on in Jessie's head. Jessie says that by always nagging her, Karen's just letting her know that she doesn't trust her to do the right thing on her own. Finally, when Jessie's finished, she sighs and asks Karen just to leave her alone. Karen jumps up and whines, "Jess!" But Jessie won't look at her. Karen finally figures out that she's not wanted and leaves, but not before making a little guilt-trippy remark. Shut up and get out already!

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Once and Again




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