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The doctor's still working with Jessie. His confrontational approach isn't working so well, though, because Jessie's not in the mood for jokes. He says, "Okay, you're parents are very disappointed in you. What does that look like?"

We see Jessie at Karen's place, heading toward the front door where Rick and Karen are talking intensely. They stop when Jessie approaches. Karen oh-so-subtly glances at Rick and asks Jessie to give them a moment. Jessie says she'll be in the car. Karen says it's time for them to move past the anger (uh-huh...) and then says that she'd "be taking this case if [she] didn't know [him]." (Yeah...) Rick starts getting antsy because he knows what's coming. Karen starts talking more quickly, saying her decision is not about him or her -- it's about Jessie. (Ri-ight...) Rick starts to go off, but Karen stops him by saying the therapist was right: "In some part of [her] being, [she] still cares what [Rick] thinks. [She] cares much too much." She says that it has to stop, "for [her] and for Jessie." She feels like she needs to set a strong example for Jessie on how to be her own woman. She says she's "going to do this thing because it's right," and then apologizes.

And we get our first Soliloquy Session of the evening. Rick hops up on the stool to say that "she's still so beautiful to me." He admits that when he walks into "that house" sometimes, he's still "like 'Oh yeah, that's my wife.'" Oh, I don't think Lily's going to like that one bit.

Back in the hallway, Rick looks thoughtfully at Karen and softly says, "Okay." They're both getting weepy as Karen asks if he understands why she's doing it. "How could I not?" he asks. She thanks him, and for a split-second, it looks like they might kiss or touch in some way. Karen looks like she has to consciously restrain herself from it. Rick leaves and stands on the porch for a second, looking heavy.

On the Stool, he confirms that he's glad to be out and that he got on with his life. But then he wonders, "How is it possible I never realized I'd lose her?"

Karen closes the door behind him, turns out the light, and moves to the stairs. She hops on the Stool to reminisce about how Rick's big strong arms made her feel when they were first together. She couldn't admit how safe and protected she felt. She recounts what an impact he's had on her life, as we see her sink on the stairs and rest her head against the wall. On the Stool, she says, "When he held me in those arms, I never felt like that before. And I haven't since." On the stairs, Karen starts sobbing.

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Once and Again




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