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Jessie's still with Dr. R., crying and saying she wishes she didn't cause her parents so much trouble. He says they'll just have to deal with it, and she wonders why he's "so mean." He says it's important "not to take these things so seriously." "But what if it is serious?" Jessie asks. And then we finally get a breakthrough. She's talking about her eating disorder. She wants to know why she doesn't want to eat, why she's disgusted by it. He patiently says that they just need to take some time to figure it out. She worries that they can't. He assures her they "have a pretty good chance." He tells her that there's nothing about her that makes her worse or worth less than any other fourteen-year-old girl, and that "figuring out the world is really hard work." He suggests that she give herself 'til she's fifteen, at least, because "kids are still pretty stupid when they're fourteen." This gets a smile. He adds that people are still stupid when they're forty: "Look at your parents." This gets a laugh. He tells her that she's "just going to have to learn to tolerate stupid people." He asks her to try eating "just a little." She says she doesn't know if she can. "Just a little," he repeats. "That's all we ever ask."

Anyone know where I can get Dr. Rosenfeld's number?

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Once and Again




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