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Karen's assistant is chasing her down the hall to her office, where she's just arrived. As she shrugs off her coat and plunks down her attaché, he yammers at her about some case. "Long lunch," her associate interrupts. "I wish," Karen answers. He comes into her office to tell her about an "interesting call" they just had from a neighborhood group. Unlike the rest of America, Karen doesn't register what group he's referring to. She guesses incorrectly that it's something about a mall. He tells her it's "more like Disneyland." Nice plug for the parent company, that. Karen's rifling papers on her desk and still not cluing in. He finally makes it clear: it's the Atlantor group's development down by the river. Karen looks up slowly when she hears this. He asks if she wants to take it on: "It's right up your alley." She's conflicted. She's rattled. She blows him off with a "maybe," saying she has to see how it "fits in with everything else [she's] trying to do." Her associate tells her they need to know by Friday. He leaves, and Karen's assistant sidles up, asking, "Isn't that the...what your husband..." Karen confirms it. Her assistant nods knowingly, effeminately clutches his notepads to his chest, and starts rummaging on her desk for something. Karen makes a froggy face as we go to commercial.

We return to find ourselves in the girls' locker room at high school. Jessie's sitting on a bench, looking around uncomfortably and trying to make herself invisible as she unbuttons her shirt. She's dwarfed by the clamor of lockers slamming and girls talking excitedly as they get ready for soccer practice. Grace comes up to her locker, which is very conveniently located behind Jessie, and grabs her cleats. Grace spots her and makes a point of saying hi and asking, "How's the freshman team?" They make a bit of soccer small talk. Jessie gets bold enough to tell Grace about her party on Saturday, letting her know that it's lame and Grace can just come and bowl a few free games if she wants. Grace, brushing her hair, looks like she just farted in church as Jessie gets to the point of inviting her. You can see her silently begging Jessie not to say it...not to say it. Jessie does say it, though, and since there's no avoiding it, Grace says, "I guess. You know, I don't really know what's happening on Saturday, but I could give you a call." She starts walking away and, over her shoulder, adds, "It sounds really cool, though." She sprints for the door like she can't get out of there fast enough. Jessie visibly shrinks two sizes and thanks her.

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