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Suddenly, it's later, and we're in Lily's foyer. Zoe's dragging Jessie upstairs to get her a CD while Lily nags that Zoe's got homework to do and so does Jessie. She and Rick discuss the session. Rick says it was "fine, if you don't mind dredging up everything you've done wrong in the past fourteen years." "Oh, it would take a very long session for me," Lily deadpans and then laughs at her joke. Honey, don't even get me started. The Queen of Denial tells Rick that she thinks it's "brave and wonderful" that he's "confronting this head-on." She goes on, saying that she doesn't know, "even if it were [her] own daughter, if [she'd] have the courage to sit there with Jake --" We don't hear the rest of it, since the camera shifts to Grace, who's just stepped into the doorway. If only it had panned away thirty seconds sooner, I wouldn't have had to confront my hostility toward Lily this week. God, she's on-screen for less than two minutes, and I'm in danger of bursting something from rolling my eyes so hard. Way to admit you're too selfish to sit through therapy for your own kid's well-being. Anyway, Rick says hi to Grace, and Lily turns around, looking like Grace just walked in on them naked or something. To ease the awkward silence, Rick asks about Grace's homework. Jessie starts to come down the stairs, and she actually looks really happy. She says goodbye to Grace with a smile, and Grace answers her solemnly.

After they leave, Grace leans on the banister and conspiratorially asks whether Jessie's in therapy. "Oh, Grace honey. Please, you didn't hear that," Lily says, putting her hands on her hips. Grace asks if Jessie is anorexic. "Grace!" Lily pouts. Grace doesn't see what the big deal is, since "half the girls in [her] school are." "Honey, stop it," Lily says, as if Grace is poking some little fuzzy thing with a sharp stick. Whether Lily knows it or not, she is her mother. Grace stands up and says, "Okay. We won't talk about it." She makes a boogie man sound to mock Lily's horror, and throws her mother a disgusted look as she heads upstairs.

"The oldest one does not like me," Jessie says, resuming the session in Dr. Rosenfeld's office. Rick tells her to stop saying that, and Jessie clams up and looks sad. "Oh, I get it," the doc says. "I have a stepbrother. I get it." He turns his attention to Karen and asks if she's seeing anyone. She's thrown. She still seems to have trouble admitting she's with the young doctor. Jessie looks amused and says, "Mom, Leo's your boyfriend." Rosenfeld wants to know if it's weird for Jessie to see her parents with other people. Jessie sucks it up and says with a shrug, "Sometimes, but I'm...I'm sort of used to it."

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Once and Again




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