Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

We return to find Lily leading Tiffany into the attic. Am I the only one with goosebumps? Doesn't Tiffany know that attics are bad, bad places where people can't hear you scream? It turns out that Lily just wants to give Tiffany the girls' old baby clothes. Which is nice, but what if Tiffany has a boy? And even more importantly, why is Lily being so nice to the woman with whom her ex-husband cheated? Do I actually have to admit that Lily is, at this moment, being a bigger person than I ever could? Tiffany is as incredulous as I am, wondering why Lily is doing this. "It just seemed like the right thing to do," Lily says simply. Tiffany digests this for a minute, and then nervously asks, "Do you realize when I started seeing Jake?" Lily nods almost imperceptibly.

Tiffany admits that she knew Jake was married, but she just sort of blocked Lily out. "And now you're being so nice to me," Tiffany says, ashamed. Lily admits that she's as surprised by it as Tiffany. Suddenly, Tiffany wonders about Judy, and whether she shouldn't have all these clothes. "Oh, I don't know," Lily says, glibly adding, "Who knows if she'll ever have a child?" Tiffany says she shouldn't take it all, and selects one dress. She tells Lily to keep the rest for her sister. Tiffany hoarsely says that Lily will never know how much this gesture means to her, and Lily looks awkward as she tries to think of an answer. Tiffany doesn't wait for one, but throws her arms around Lily, catching her a little off-guard. It only takes a moment for Lily to relax and hug Tiffany back.

Judy the Childless Wonder, meanwhile, is busy at her desk in the bookstore's back office. She hears a crash from the back patio, and suddenly a man's head and shoulders are silhouetted through the shade on the back door. Judy jumps out of her chair and backs herself against the wall, praying that the person will just go away. The door creaks, as if someone is trying the knob, and the soundtrack turns ominous. Judy grabs the phone off her desk, sinks down to the floor, and calls for help.

The phone at Phil's rings just as Jake is shutting off the lights. Okay, I know she's probably not thinking straight, but why wouldn't Judy call 911? Anyway, Judy whispers, "Jake," when he picks up. "Tiffany?" he asks. Anyone think Jake's got a bit of a guilty conscience? "No, it's Judy," she whispers. Jake's blood runs cold. "What happened?" he asks.

Cut to Jake and Judy with a police officer, checking out the back gate at the bookstore. The cop announces that the lock isn't broken, and Judy sheepishly admits that sometimes she forgets to lock it. "What?!" Jake asks. Judy quickly promises to lock it from now on. "Yeah, you're damn straight," Jake says. He asks for the officer's opinion on installing a security system. "Couldn't hurt," the cop answers, ever the helpful public servant. He shines his flashlight around the patio and then says that there's nothing much he can do. They thank him, and suddenly we find ourselves inside the bookstore, where Jake is berating Judy to "take action." He scares the bejeesus out of her some more by saying she doesn't know "what this Paul guy is capable of." Well, we know what he's not: meaningful conversation, good sex, and a decent hairstyle. Judy says that she has no proof that it was Paul, and says that maybe she's "the one who's obsessed." Either that, or she's been smoking too much pot. It makes you paranoid, you know. Jake says the guy threatened her in public, and she "can't just walk around with [her] head in the sand." Well, I don't think anybody can do that, but I get his point. Judy looks reluctant to face the possibility that she could be in danger. "Trust me!" Jake says. "Take it from someone who knows." It looks like he's finally gotten through.

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Once and Again




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