Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Cut to an aerial view of Lily's front foyer. Lily hears noises from upstairs and drops her bag and coat on the bench, calling, "Will?" She climbs the stairs, still calling. She goes all the way to the attic, then gasps in surprise when she finds Jake there, whacking away with a golf club at some sort of driving gizmo. The little golf ball spins on its chain and Jake whacks it again. "What are you doing?" Lily demands. Jake mutters he forgot he even had clubs up there, and then snarks, "So, this is the work space, ah? The one I'm supposed to pay for?" Lily yells that he just scared her half to death. Jake continues, spreading his arms grandly as he strolls around the attic, "Nice! A workspace in your own house. I mean, I never had that." Lily tells him he can't do this anymore. He thunders, "You want to know what you can't do anymore?" She doesn't care; she just yells, "You can't just walk into this house anymore!" Jake shouts back, "And you can't expect me to foot the bill just because your boyfriend decides he wants himself a nice little workspace in the house!" Lily says she doesn't believe this and starts to explain, but Jake cuts her off: "I'm not that stupid anymore! I may be jinxed, but I'm not that stupid." Lily says that she's not asking him to pay for that; she's just asking him to help her with the ice damage. Jake says that he's been all over the attic, and he hasn't seen any ice damage. Lily grits, "That's because you don't know where to look!" Jake looks at her for a moment before seething, bitterly, "Man, you just have no idea what I'm dealing with these days, do you?" Lily retorts, "Do you know what I'm dealing with?" Don't go there Lily. I don't think you can win this one. Jake doesn't wait to hear, but says, "And you don't want me barging into your house? Then stay the hell out of my personal life." Lily shrilly asks what he's talking about. He raises his eyebrows, as if to suggest that she knows. Lily gets it, saying, "Oh! I needed to speak to Tiffany." Jake shouts, "About?" Lily snaps that it's none of his business, that she just wanted to talk to her. Jake shakes his head and smiles bitterly at her audacity, saying, "You don't want me intruding into your house, into your life, and yet you see nothing wrong with --" "She's pregnant!" Lily shouts. I think he knows. Jake swings around the golf club, and smiles sardonically at the floor. "She needs you," Lily says, lowering her voice. Jake asks why she thinks he's not there for Tiffany. "Jennica!" Lily spits. Jake shakes his head and doesn't say anything. "Jake, let's just face it. Why would you be? You weren't there for me!" Jake shakes his head some more, puts the club back in his golf bag, and says, "I'm not paying for this." Lily just glares at him as he descends the stairs and we fade to commercials.

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Once and Again




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