Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Gap keeps insisting that "spring is here," but I beg to differ.

When we return, Jennica's reading a magazine at the bar. Jake appears at her side, and she smiles up at him with a "hey!" Jake glances around and spots Paul, with a woman, in the nearly empty restaurant. "When did that guy walk in here?" Jake demands, already striding toward the table. "We are ready for some curly fries," Paul grins when he sees Jake approaching. Whoa, big spender. Jake puts a hand on Paul's shoulder and asks if they can speak in private. He assures the woman that he'll bring Paul right back.

When they get to the kitchen, Jake gets right to it: "Look, just stay away from her, okay?" Paul has no idea what he's talking about. Or does he...? Jake repeats himself, making it more clear, "Stay away from Judy Brooks. Leave her alone." Paul asks if Jake is crazy. "No, I'm not crazy. Are you crazy?" Jake asks, entirely serious. I giggle. It's such an action-hero moment. Paul says that he doesn't believe what Jake is saying, and Jake says that he'd better believe it, or he'll be very sorry. Paul snorts and makes for the door. Jake grabs him by the arm and says he's warning him for his own good. He tells Paul to promise him that he'll stay away from Judy. Paul starts yammering for Jake to get his hands off him, and all the tension Jake's been shouldering in the past few weeks finally finds an outlet. He goes apeshit. He grabs Paul by the shirt and repeats that Paul will stop bothering Judy, while Paul shouts for him to let go. Jake throws Paul backwards into a metal shelving unit, which collapses under his weight. Paul scrambles up and declares, "You're both crazy!" while Jake breathes hard through flared nostrils. As a parting shot, Paul spits, "No wonder this place is going out of business! I can't believe I felt sorry for you!" Jake tries to catch his breath, and surveys the mess around him as reality sets in. Jennica and a busgirl appear in the doorway. Jake asks for a broom, but they both just stare at him, dumbfounded. "Get me a damn broom!" he explodes. Jennica and the busgirl get the hell outta there. Jake sighs and holds his head in his hand.

Lily breezes into Graham's office, just as he's finishing up a call. He asks if she's ever heard of Urban Backpackers, and gives her a bit of their background. Lily's incredibly hip, all of a sudden, and says she knows all about them. Graham says, "They're interested in getting onto the web in a big way," and that she should plan on working late tonight. Bells and whistles go off in Lily's head, and she gives him an "oh, please" look. He says he knows she may not be comfortable with it just being the two of them, so he can ask Boobies the Temp to stay. Lily glares at him and sputters, "You are..." She throws up her hands and paces, saying she doesn't even know where to start. "I'm a dog," Graham tosses out. She spins and snarks that there's something seriously wrong with him. He agrees with her. She says she's serious. So is he. She asks what he's thinking when he acts "like this." He asks if she wants him to answer that, but Lily barely pauses for breath, rolling on with, "How do live? How does a person like you...?" Graham thinks about it for a few seconds and confesses that it's pretty lonely. Lily rolls her eyes and tells him, "Don't you dare try to get my sympathy." She says she can't talk to him. He throws up his hands and says, "Fine." She paces to the couch, her back turned, and says she can't even look at him. He says that's fine, but he thought she was the one who wanted to talk abut it. She spins around, all scary glary, and spits, "When are you gonna deal with it? When are you gonna admit you're out of control?"

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Once and Again




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