Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Graham looks at her, speechless, and drops his eyes. Lily throws herself onto the couch, angry tears brimming in her eyes, as she continues, "I mean, all this flirting, and seducing, and drama...How do even do your job?" She folds her arms, glaring down at him from her high, high horse. Graham stands there, staring dully, and sadly mutters, "That's what gets me through my job." Lily stares at him, incredulous, asking, "And you admit how screwed up it is?" He does. He sinks down on the edge of his desk as Lily says, "I mean, do you realize, do you even realize how hard it is for me to walk in here every day? Do you realize how angry I've been at you?" Graham looks away, guilty, and admits, "I've been trying to ignore it." Lily goes on, "Well, this behavior, this is what broke up my marriage, okay? Do you even realize that?" Uh.... They're silent for a minute, as Lily realizes that of course there's no way Graham could have known that, and she says as much. She says she can't blame him for that: "That part's not your fault." She admits, "That part, is me." Graham says, "I'm actually sorry. I'm sorry if I caused you any pain." Lily looks at him a moment before saying softly, "I do believe it."

Jake's drowning his sorrows in a glass of amber liquor as the music -- still unidentifiable -- from the opening of the show kicks up. Jennica breezes up to his side, but her smile disappears quickly when she realizes he's pretty into the drink in front of him. He just shakes his head, and pokes at an ice cube. She wordlessly turns around and walks away. Blearily, Jake looks after her. She pauses at the door, sees him squinting drunkenly in her direction, and walks out. Jake takes another drink, sighs, and rubs his eyes.

Boobies prances into Graham's office and interrupts him and Lily. She apologizes and says that Lily has a phone call. She helpfully adds that it's the light that's blinking. Wow, make room at the top for this genius. Lily picks up and a male voice says, "Hi, it's me." "Rick?" she asks, smiling. Nope, it's Jake. The smile disappears. Jake takes a deep breath and says, "I don't know how to explain this..." Lily tells him to try. "Well, I didn't realize that you knew...whe -- when you were pregnant." Lily glances over her shoulder at Graham and says she didn't, then. She realized it later. "Well, all I can say is, it wasn't your fault," Jake says. "It had, I mean, I wish -- [sighs and covers the mouthpiece to collect himself] -- anyway, I'll pay for the ice damage. Okay?" Lily looks taken aback and cautiously says, "Okay." Jake repeats, "Okay," and hangs up. Lily thoughtfully looks at the receiver before replacing it in its cradle. Boobies asks if they still need her to stay late. Lily shoots Graham a look of understanding, and he says, "No. Not anymore." Boobies's smile fades as she realizes she's yesterday's toy. I wonder if there'll be a new rumor flying around about Lily and Graham, now? If I were Boobies -- and that's a big if -- I'd feel like they were getting rid of me, nudge nudge, wink wink.

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Once and Again




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